The Importance Of Writing In Web Design

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Last article we discussed the business of saying “NO!” in web design, this week we’re discussing writing… we’re certainly jumping around in the iNoob series, but keep up, as each of these gems will get you on the path of becoming a master web designer.

I feel you can look at web design in 1 of three ways:

  • As a designer – what are the technical elements that must be done (technical)
  • As a business owner – what are the elements that need to be organized and put in place to execute a profitable website for a company/client (manager)
  • As a client – look at the process of website design in the eyes of your client, ultimately they’re paying you for a marketing tool
This article is written with that 3rd audience in mind…

Web Design WritingYour client must select what they believe to be the right web designer or web design company. And this can be a chore, there are hundreds of web companies in my small sleepy town, and I imagine, thousands in a big cities… how does a client choose, how do they sort through the hundreds of companies in a Google search result?

Most importantly, your client or potential client is almost unable to evaluate you and your competition (they know nothing about code, about the intricacies of web marketing, about the meaning of links, and all of the other tiny details that make a good web developer).

This is where writing comes in – both to market yourself, as well as to market the business of others.

In my opinion, long term NOTHING is more important than writing.

And as a complete aside – I, as well as others in the industry/marketing, more greatly value a fantastic writer than someone that has graduated with a degree in marketing or communications. I’ll take an English major all day long! Powerful prose is sexy; the ability to seduce an audience is important, either through hand written, typed, or the oral manipulation of words.

Taking the time to make the right choice is a good investment, but the success of your website does not rely on visuals alone. The text you use on your web pages and blog is critical to succeeding in marketing your business online.

Making simple updates to text has led to an increase of 50% in leads from my own site.

Your content not only plays a big role in enabling you to draw sufficient traffic to your web assets but also makes all the difference in converting those visitors into real customers and ultimately profits in the bank. Your writing on static web pages drives your SEO, both through keywords and links, while the consistent addition of new content in the form of additional pages and blogs is the stuff that acts like a magnet for Google and the other search engines when determining your page ranking. In other words, your copy is something not to be overlooked or taken lightly.

As a client hiring a web designer if you are tasked with providing your own content for your initial website launch you must endeavour to get it delivered as quickly as possible. All too often I speak with designers and hear their stories of how a client just called in yet again asking when their website will be finished, when the client still hasn’t provided the content they said they would four weeks ago. So if you want your website up and running on schedule don’t procrastinate on creating your content.

As a web designer or design firm you may want to consider hiring a professional copywriter in order to help your clients speed up the process and make sure that your work is a success. After all, it doesn’t matter how dazzling your design skills are if the website ultimately doesn’t produce results. By helping to provide high quality content written with SEO in mind you can help your clients maximize their returns which will obviously mean happier clients and more referrals. This can either be outsourced and just be an additional option for customers or bundled with your other services to offer more value.

For business owners and entrepreneurs commissioning new websites with Content Management Systems (CMS) that enable you to regularly update your web pages and blog you must have a plan in place for doing so. Otherwise it is all to easy to wake up one morning realizing that you haven’t posted on your blog in 3 months. This, not surprisingly is normally when you will notice your lead flow slowing down. If you can’t stick to a regular and consistent schedule yourself or realize that your own time is best spent on other, bigger items consider outsourcing it or ask your web designer if this is something they can provide for you at an affordable rate.

Zach Katkin – Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Designer and Writer – is the co-founder of Florida Web Design Company Atilus. In business for nearly a decade, Atilus has more than 600 clients worldwide.

  • Back when I started as a web designer, 2003, I really didn’t put much emphasis on copy. I made the somewhat foolish assumption that a website would become achieve its goals if it was easy to use and looked great.

    Now I know that for many (if not most) websites, copy is king because it leads to higher conversions (IMHO).

  • Very interesting article, but I wonder what do you mean by “copy” … sorry I’m kind of newbie in this field :)

  • Great truth in this article! Love it.

  • ConstantStrategies

    Word choice is very important. Especially when your words will be published and read over and over again.