The funniest 25 ‘Twits’ you must follow right now

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Sure Twitter is all about hot trends and flash news, but maybe you also wanna have some fun in those 140 characters: And you’re damn right! We need to get some laughs! So here it is: we just finished our list of the funniest 25 Twitter accounts ever. Follow them and feel no pain!


Jimmy Carr @jimmycarr | Jimmy Carr. Literally the biggest face on television.


Christopher Moyles @CHRISDJMOYLES | Chris Moyles is me. I am him. Thanks for reading and God Bless You.


Tim Siedell @badbanana | The Washington Post says I’m funny. And they know funny (see Watergate).


Seth Rogen @Seth_Rogen | I make movies and smoke weed… thats about it! Yes this is my official page!


P Diddy @iamdiddy |KING COMBS


Graham Linehan @Glinner |  I make problems ‘go away’. Permanently. Also, comedy writer.


Weird News @weirdnews | We try our best to bring the weirdest and most offbeat news as possible… to You. Add the hashtag #weirdnews to anything you want us to see.


AZIZ ANSARI @azizansari


Steve Buscemi @Steve_Buscemi | I don’t have my own website, so I decided to link artists I’m currently into. Fuck it.


Sthephen Fry @stephenfry


The Onion @TheOnion | America’s Finest News Source


Darth Vader @DarthVader | Evil Orphan Annie™




Michael Scott @MichaelScott | Former very awesome boss at Dunder Mifflin, Scranton PA.


Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack | The Official Michael Ian Black Twitter Page


Borat Sagdiyev @Borat | I make Sexy Time!


Stephen T. Colbert @StephenTColbert | I Am America (And So Can You!)


Funny or Die @funnyordie | We like to laugh.


Doug Benson @DougBenson | Comedian. Actor. idiot.


David Lynch @DAVID_LYNCH | Filmmaker. Born Missoula, MT. Eagle Scout.


Fake Michael Bay @michael_bay | Better than you. (Not affiliated with the real michael bay)


Ashton Kutcher @aplusk


Karl Lagerfeld @Karl_Lagerfeld | A terrible underarchiever.


John Hodgman @hodgman | hodgman=expert


Diablo Cody @diablocody


If you are following other funny people on Twitter, please let us know in the comments. Thanks!


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  • A.

    One woman. You might try expanding your horizons. Or at the very least who you follow on twitter.

    • D.

      Try @CaitlinComeskey. Not a ton of followers yet, but very funny!

  • I agree A, why don’t you suggest us a few funny girls to follow?

  • chris

    nice tips. thx! waiting for the new post!

  • Sum Gai

    Because girls aren’t funny…

  • Thompson

    Comedian Joe Praino is @fixyourlife…he just started twittering like last week, but he’s hilarious. Check him out.

  • Twit

    I agree… kind of lame to not to include more women.

    How about: anamariecox, hoosiergirl, amandapalmer, SarahKSilverman, VaginaDrum,

    And how can you not include: rainnwilson, formerlyCwalken, FakeDemetri , hotdogsladies, PFTompkins, alexblagg, steveagee, ChristFinnegan, Russell Brand-rustyrockets

  • Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

  • Eric

    I spent like a minute trying to clean the smudges off my computer screen before realizing that it’s just your fucking background…

    God, I should stop smoking pot in the morning….

  • Tanya

    jannarden is funny and has some funny one liners for sure!

  • Justin

    got to follow bsenfy. Funniest tweeter I know.

  • kitiara13

    sarah silverman is stupid. why do people find her funny?

  • wj39

    mmitchelldaviss and fakechucknorris fill my life with hilarity. find and follow, people.

  • Fosters9

    Seth_Rogen is 100% certifiably FAKE! Real Seth Rogen was interviewed at a premiere saying he does not use Twitter or any other social networking site. Besides, real Seth Rogen tweets would be WAAAY funnier. But damn, there are over 80,000 following (fake) Seth_Rogen. That’s amazing.

  • Sean

    ANNyong7 cracks me up!

  • joesphx

    hey im following this is his link and guy needs 2 be on this list! oh yea! is also a very great follow!

  • JoséManuel Amaral

    You’ve got to follow @Mark_Braunstein cracks me up!

  • I was really hoping this list wouldn’t be all celebrities, but I guess it was kind of silly for me to think it would actually be a list of funny “everyday” people.

    Here’s my list:
    @VegasWalkinDude (If you’re a fan of “The Stand,” this is an unofficial RP account. Whomever is playing Flagg is doing a great job of it)

    Not only do these people have a great sense of humor, but they will also actually talk to you, as opposed to most so-called celebs on Twitter. (I’m not knocking celebs, really, but I do believe that they should interact with people other than each other. Most of them have acquired this “I’m above you” kind of thinking, and it’s not classy at all.)

    I love meeting new people and talking, so feel free to tweet me or tweet me your favorite funny people @elizabethbarone (Warning: I’m not really funny.)

  • It is important to Stop Smoking today!

  • aaron

    @pophangover is jillian madison of pophangover and foodnetworkhumor. a much needed female for this male dominated list.

  • sasha8598

    add sulsinslough to the list.

    “I’ve just stepped on a rather large snail and now have survivors guilt”

  • @Ryan_Gosling has funny tweets! His Twitter Bio says: “Hey girl, I’m Ryan Gosling, and I respect you as a female.”
    I thinks that’s pretty funny!

  • Douglas Fork

    I am a high school teacher. By far the most feckless, gibbering, nonsensical excuse for a student I ever had apparently now spends his or her (damned if I can remember which) no doubt ample spare time besmudging the otherwise spotless landscape of twitter via the following:


  • The Bom

    this one has them all beat… he has a half million followers…

  • lola

    best person to follow karadi0n

  • iko

    shitmydad says is pretty funny I guess, but one of my friends found this poor guy who just posts the funnist, most pathetic shit about his life. idk if it’s a joke or not, but I think it’s pretty damn funny to read. can’t see how she found him, he’s practically unheard of.


  • Lee

    If you like dirty humor you should follow this one. The guy definitely makes fun of every sexual thing you could think of.

  • Mike


    these are easily the funniest…SERIOUSLY

  • Just happened on @fakeapstylebook. Great fun for writers.

    “Avoid describing military drones as “unmanned,” as evidence suggests that tiny pilots actually fly them.
    3:37 PM”

  • Jeff

    Another one that’s usually really funny is

    It’s just all funny insults, nothing else.

  • Tiffany Love

    A guy who is also very funny but unknown is @JustinBaney . He’s more into the slight shock value type tweets and he sometimes goes a little too racy, too sacrilege, and/or too sexual; however which great comedians don’t go too far sometimes? I’m just kinda amazed how he can put a joke in 140 characters without having to add a link to make the joke complete.

  • Tim


    Easily the funniest twitter going around. You’ll be wetting yourself by the time you get through all his tweets.

  • Poomba

    Another funny dude @shitatwit. Check him out.

  • Sarah

    follow me,

  • Crisselin

    Just made a twitter account and I’m hoping to make it on a funny people list soon. Check me out. I need followers! I’m currently at one.

  • Crisselin

    I forgot to say what my twitter name is. Still so inexperienced at being awesome…

  • Kelly
  • salmon1985

    Surprised @TrainedHedonist isn’t on this list

  • nichboy

    I like @dead_ted – looks like it’s just started but is funny.

  • Jeet

    The only man who has never told a lie to his wife
    is a bachelor….:):):)

  • thinkjam

    I thought you might be interested to know that Lord Sugar has a Twitter account! You can find him here ..

  • The most vile, offensive, ROTFL twitter it that of notorious seduction guru Dimitri The Lover. Topics such as rape, incest, and general douchebaggery are all the rage

  • fan

    follow @dawnjeremiah

  • fan
  • Karl Kim
  • BC


  • Trampolene

    lol this list doesn’t even have @TrainedHedonist on it…

  • Follow my brother he literally has a twitter dedicated to his farts, and tweets each one, describing it. Hilarious.

  • HP Fan

    @Harrypotterisms and @lord_Voldemort7 are definitely worth a follow if you read/watched the HP series.

  • SlickDickson’s Mother

    You guys check out some guy called @slickdickson ?

  • SlickDickson’s Mother’s 4th Husband

    I can vouch for the above comment from slickdickson’s mother. @slickdickson is a true up-and-comer.

  • Not TROG2000 That is for sure! can give you some of the best laughs that are out loud

  • Matty

    I follow Mr Miyagi @MrKeisukeMiyagi
    If you’re not easily offended the tweets will have you in stitches. Highly recommended lol.

  • This guy is great:

    Very funny if you like the mean style of comedy.
    I think it’s mainly a way to connect to the main site:

    Shitmydadsays is pretty funny, Sarah Silverman is totally not, but each to there own I guess.

  • Chris

    lol this list doesn’t have on it??

  • Tiffany

    @JustPlainFunny <- Best Unknown Comic Ever!

  • JD Cooper

    Hilarious new twitter a friend told me about!

    a girl abstaining from having sex, and the hilarious stories that come with it!

  • Steve_Buscemi is a SUSPENDED ACCOUNT, so that means IT WAS A FAKE ONE, not the real Steve Buscemi!

  • jokeisonyou
  • worldwideweb
  • kevinD

    I found this guy on Lisa Lampanelli’s page. Dude makes me laugh

  • Jay Webb

    Really funny: @coach_bopelini. Just follow him.

  • Mike

    You forgot about realgoodperson. It’s the guy who got arrested for throwing milk and sod all over those guys from the Howard Stern show.

  • michelle c.

    @mochanya is hilarious! She eve throws in a quote or two every now and then!

  • Sophie K

    WHERES ELLEN DEGENERES????? @TheEllenShow is funnier than all of these!

  • retweetific

    @retweetific for his original and funny tweets

  • Lena!/MendaxFacts

    it has just started jet, but I think it will be very funny! The idea is great!

  • mehere

    I found a hilarious account for Braveheart’s William Wallace:!/0WilliamWallace

  • That’s Enough

    @ThatBeEnough is excellent.

  • Aaron Kinsley

    I’ve just started following @mrkeisukemiyagi and @rikipedia . Cracks me up

  • Johnny B

    Try to follow this guy! He is sooo funny!!! @JuanesDelfino

  • Sara

    @sorryimfat is hilarious!!!

  • Larry

    Funniest twitters out there @firstworldlife and @worstfeelings. Consistently hilarious you guys should check it ouT

  • Allison King

    Acknowledging that ‘40% of everything on Twitter is pointless babble’, the brilliantly named PointlessBabs’ tweets are sarcastic, cutting but also wonderfully observant and entertaining. An absolute must if you share a similarly dry sense of humour! A very new account, but I expect much more to come… Babs is definitely one to watch!

  • my twitter username: chirpybird523
    Plz follow! if u do, i promise not to post boring things!!

  • guest

    @eachshininghour on twitter is sooooo funny

  • madsen

    Follow @capricecrane and @jennyjohnsonhigh5. Funny ladies.

  • guest

    Stephan Colbert literally wins all the awards for his hilarious tweets. Him and @eachshininghour (which is a usually-almost-daily feed of funny things overheard at high school) are my two favorite twitter users right now!

  • guest

    oh wait, hey other “guest” from november 15, you found that account too?? Cool! *waves* What’s your username on twitter?

  • arthur!/eachshininghour
    “You have a hearty laugh. It reminds me of soup”


  • Alex


  • Barefoot

    I get a kick out of

  • Brown Boi

    @IndianProbz if you are a desi then this guy is wayyy to funny to be missing out on

  • No thanks

    Jim Gaffigan

  • Asi

    @MrIdiott Really idiotic and Funniest Man.!

  • Asi
  • Cowboy

    @MrIdiott is the funniest ever..! Follow him!!!!!

  • :=(( GooooJuuuuuuuuuul!/MrIdiott funnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)))

  • Jonathan Brown

    Follow @RudishTweets hes new but makes me laugh out loud so much. Offensive as hell though.

  • Sam Hubbert

    Found this guy the other day. Some of the stuff he posts is absolutely mental!

  • Marcos

    By far this is the funniest twitter account:
    It auto retweets anyone that have the word “threesome”. haha There are so many funny comments on it!

  • keith

    @mostcrazybf is hilarious

  • Lisa C. is a chef like me and makes me laugh on a daily basis! Must check her out

  • john
  • Al

    This ones really good! and factual birthday news each day too

  • BIll

    Awesome! An unknown favorite of mine is @PlateOfPasta

  • Chelsea Hunter

    “Hot chicks would be better if they were just a little more attractive.” @jonezysomething

  • Jacob Smithaloniois

    You guys should follow @TipSafety

  • Duchess of Cornwall

    Future Queen Of England. One does like to chat with the public… but from a safe distance. Lover of Horses and Gin. Wife of the WingNut @Charles_HRH (Parody)

  • @FactStore can make your life interesting!

  • guest guy 11 Interesting and Insightful political tweets

  • Femi Zaccheus is definitely the funniest twitter account that I follow

  • Dwayne

    This guy wrote a book with his tweets, had my laughing:

  • Dis shiiiiit funny as hellllllll plus she’ll follow you back!!! check out @domcrystalhehe ya kno ??!!!

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