The Facts and Figures of 2010 in 30 Amazing Infographics

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This is a special guest post by Tiago Veloso from Visual Loop – a non-stop stream of Infographics, Maps, Charts and many other Visualization Goodies, with lots of new posts everyday. User submissions are always welcome, opened to artists and designers from all over the world. Be sure to check out Tiago’s first massive hit on Inspired Mag – Info-Visualization Through the Eyes and Talent of 10 Brazilian Designers

And here we are, with a new year on the way, lots of expetations and promises. But, if there’s anyone out there already missing 2010, this post could ease that feeling. Why? Well, amongst other things, pretty much everyone said that 2010 was the year of the infographic, and we’ve seen lots of retrospectives usign data-viz. So, let’s have a look at some of the most interesting ones, and remember what happened in 2010!

The Biggest News Stories of 2010

A Look Back on How 2010 Changed Our Lives

Yahoo’s Top Searches of 2010, by JESS3

The 2010 Lexicon

2010 Weird & Wacky World News Headlines

Fatal airliner accidents 2010

The major Catastrophes of the Year, by Noticias24 (Venezuela)

Lots of cool designs also about entertainment:

2010 – A Year in Movies

From Katy to Ke$ha, Gaga to Bieber: The Year in Music

Precious Medals: The 2010 Hip Hop Gold & Platinum Plaques

Word Frequency in Song Titles

2010: The Year In Gaming

Amongst all the topics, the Internet and Social Media are always favorites, when it comes to infographics, and it wasn’t different in the end of the year:

The Year of Social Media 2010

Sharing in 2010

The 2010 Mashable Awards Winners

A Year in Social Commerce

Most viral brands of 2010

The Blog Economy in 2010

A Year of Twitter

Facebook 2010: The Saga Continues

Facebook 2010: The Saga Continues

Twitter vs. Facebook in 2010

Internet in Brasil – 2010, by Bruno Cardoso (Brazil)

2010: Open Source in Jordan

The State of Cloud Computing in 2010

Memes 2010: The Year in Review

These Interactive visualizations are also pretty cool:

2010 – the year in review, by The Guardian

2010 Year In Review

Economist Mag: Most Popular Charts of 2010

World Bank 2010 Timeline

2010 US Movie Box Office

The most important facts in 2010 Brazil’s political scenario, by G1 (Brazil)

Year in Reviews by Pitchfork

The Best Movies of 2010, by UOL Cinema (Brazil)

And even some companies made their retrospectives with infographics:

Mashable 2010 Year in Review

Shopify: A Year In Review

The Year for Samba Tech, by Samba (Brazil)

And to close, a bunch of great videos:

Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review

YouTube Rewind 2010: Year in Review

What We Learned

Mobile Year in Review 2010

I’m sure you’ll have others to add to this list, so, feel free to share them with us!

And a great 2011 for everyone, filled with health, success and, of course, inspiration!

Tiago Veloso is the founder of Visual Loop, a collaborative digital environment for everything related to information design and data visualization. He lives in Brazil, and you can connect with him online on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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