Guilty iPleasures – The Coolest iPhone Puzzle Games for Long Meetings

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Hey this roundup is totally SFW, in fact it’s a MPAW – Must Play at Work! 10 fantastic iPhone games you should definitely touch in your loooong booring meetings, just to refresh your attention and be able to focus more on your work after you get a High Score. OK, if don’t have boring meetings, you’re allowed to play these goodies while waiting for your girlfriend or in your way to the club as well.

Implode | $1.99 | Review | Download


Implode! contains 60 levels of buildings, just begging to be reduced to rubble. Each level presents you with the drawing of a building on a chalkboard, with only the support beams visible.

Pocketball | $1.99 | Review | Download


Pocketball is a puzzle game centered around dropping colored balls into the right pockets. This simple premise is developed with such thought and care that the game just dazzles.

Cross Fingers | $0.99 | Review | Download


Cross Fingers, a beautiful new tangram-style game, is now available in the app store. Your mind and fingers will undergo quite a workout as you put your ingenuity and flexibility to the test with this terrific puzzler from the makers of EDGE.

Reiner Knizia’s Monumental | $1.99 | Review | Download


Reiner Knizia’s Monumental, yet another offering from the genius behind Robot Master, Roto, and Knights of Charlemagne, has been released by Conlan Rios in the app store. As usual, a clean interface mixed with “simple to learn, hard to master” rules is a recipe for a fun, cerebral puzzler.

Alien Glyphs | $0.99 | Review | Download


Alien Glyphs, a terrific new matching game from Viacheslav Klimov, has been climbing the puzzle game charts in the app store. With its attractive graphical style, simple gameplay, and exciting power-ups and power-downs, Alien Glyphs is poised to take its place as one of the app store’s newest puzzle phenoms.

Mr. Mahjong Touch | $4.99 | Review | Download


Mr. Mahjong Touch, a beautiful rendition of the classic tile game, is now available on the app store. FDG Entertainment has dropped a nostalgia bomb on us with their updated version of one of the first computer games (other than solitaire) that we can recall getting hooked on at a very young age.

Cubic Match | $0.99 | Review | Download


Cubic Match, an interesting 3D puzzler from Jungle of Sharks, is now live in the app store. You’ll need plenty of patience and some stellar spatial skills in order to excel at this game.

Fling | $0.99 | Review | Download


Fling!, a terrific new logic puzzle from CandyCane, is available now in the app store. Playing like a Royal Rumble-style, last-man-standing match with colorful furballs, this deceptively simple game is sure both to frustrate and delight.

Enigmo 2 | $0.99 | Review | Download


Enigmo 2, Pangea Software’s follow-up release to the wildly popular physics-based puzzle game Enigmo, has gone live in the app store. The phrase “devilishly fun” keeps popping into mind as we think of a way to describe this game. If you thought it could get frustrating (in a good way) when you were solving puzzles in two dimensions, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Block Drop | $0.99 | Review | Download


Block Drop, a beautiful and addictive new strategic puzzler created by Dan Russell-Pinson, is now available in the app store. With randomly-generated level structures and musical compositions, you’re sure to enjoy an experience than can never be duplicated.

Now, what’s your favorite? Share your secret guilty iPleasure with us :-]

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