Top 35 Flickr Groups for Infographics and Data Visualization

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Infographics are here to stay. More and more we see it trough the popularity that this kind of content reaches on Blog posts, Twitter and other social media networks, driving traffic and promoting great discussions on every kind of subject. And one of the best places to find tons of new infographics, maps, charts and other forms of data visualization goodies is, without question, Flickr Groups.

Today, we bring you a major round-up of the best 35 Flickr Groups to find all kinds of designs, either from major newspapers and magazine, personal portfolios or vintage maps and graphics. Some of those are much more active than others, and it’s pretty obvious you’ll find that many of the submissions are repeated in several Groups – that means that some users are, naturally, more concerned that others in showing off their work.

Even so, we tried to gather Groups that have some level of interest besides those common submissions, so, we hope you enjoy them!

General Stuff / Infographics News

The Group description says it all: a place where we can upload our favourite graphic or anything interesting to comment. It has almost 1.200 infographics and 380 members, mostly from Brazil and Spain.


The Flickr Group of the Flowing Data website it’s all about data, statistics, visualization, and design. It has nearly 300 submissions.

Info Graphics

One of the biggest Groups in this round-up, with over 1.600 members and 3.500 submissions, it covers pretty much anything that is about information or visualizing information.


If you want to explore some of the best information designs in Brazil, this is the place. Regularly updated, you’ll find over 1.800 submissions by 388 members.

GDS Digital Infographics

We all know the amazing work that GDS Digital provides, with some of the greatest pieces of visual information available on the internet. In their Flickr Group, they share all their infographics in one place.

Social Media Charts & Graphs

If you are a Social Media user, and love to know all about the stats and numbers behind places like Twitter, Facebook and others, well, this is definitively the Group for you.

Infografia | Infographics

Promoted by top infographic designer Marcelo Cáceres (Chile), her’s another group filled with great designs with a Latin touch. It has over 470 members, that have submitted around 1.430 pictures.

Infográficos Brasil

The place where you’ll find the arts and works of the main Brazilian designers – some of them covered here at Inspired Mag in my previous post.

Cool Visualizations – Tecniche di visualizzazione dei dati

From Italy comes this great Group, for a look-up at some of the most creative designers in Europe. They have a strong community (over 820 members) and about 1.220 info-design pearls worth checking.

Visual information

From the Group admin: “Explanations of complex material by visual means. Maps, diagrams, charts, timetables and unexpected ways of communicating intuitively”.

SML Information Design

SML stands for small, medium and large information design. And despite the small community, with medium activity, you’ll find large quality in their submissions.

Everyday Information Architecture

A nice collection of infographics, charts and mind-maps on organizing and structuring everyday life. It has over 600 members.

Charts and Graphs

Pie Charts, Venn Diagrams, Bubble Graphs, and so on. One of the best places on Flickr to see this kind of information design.


Diagrams are another interesting way to represent reality and data. This Flickr Group has around 1.300 submissions showing how.

Information Architects

More examples of great data visualization design from several parts of the World. Not the most active Group of this selection, but still worth paying a visit.

Editorial Design

Editorial Design

Covering more than simply infographics, this Flickr Group shows some of the top Editorial illustrations and designs from several parts of the World.

News Design

Another Group showing some of over 660 illustrations on newspapers and magazines worldwide.

We illustrate for magazines and newspapers

Photographs of illustrations in magazines and newspapers. Not the original artwork but as released in the magazines and newspapers.

Graphic Design Magazines

Focused on print media, this Group shows magazines, books, and editorial design of all kinds. Great place for everyone that works within this field.

Infographic ONLY Breaking News

Very specific on their focus, this Group accepts submissions only on major events and breaking news.

Illustrations published in magazine

Yet another great group with nice illustrations and infographics published in magazines. Amazing artworks from more than 580 members.

Design de Jornais e Revistas

Another Group focused on Editorial Illustration, specially from Brazil, it shows some cool examples of combination between text and pictures.


Maps and Charts

From Cartography freaks to Cartography freaks. Joshua Davis, the Group admin leaves the invitation: “If you have some interesting Map or Chart images to add to this group please do so”. Yes, sir!


The Group for lovers and makers of maps, either real places or otherwise.

Illustrated maps

Over 400 creative maps, with lots of interesting and unique submissions from their 147 members. Great for all cartography lovers!

Old Maps

Updated with extraordinary frequency, in this Group maps become a means of seeing the world from many perspectives with a critical eye, trough-out history.

Science and Tech

Diagram Diaries

Diagrams are interesting representations of reality and data. In this Group, you’ll find over 1.900 of them, submited by almost 1.400 members.

Technical Illustrators

No matter the subject, this is one of the top places to find technical & scientific illustration and infographics. Supported by a small but active community, and with some great designs!

Vintage Science

Remember those oh-so-dated science books from back in the day? No? Well, here’s your chance to check ‘em out. Images from science books from before 1980 – and no Science Fiction.


A place for spooky medical and surgery stuff, with lots a vintage illustrations mainly about the human body. Some pretty impressive images here.

Funny and Curious

Sports Infographics

Dedicated to all Sports lovers out there. From the Group page: “Any art/page/publication visualizing sports statistics. Process graphics, diagrams, charts, box scores… anything and everything built on sports data”. ‘Nuff said!

Infographics in the Real World

From the admin comes the warning: “This is *not* a group for just posting images of random infographics from newspapers, it’s for photographs of infographics sightings out in the real world.” One of the most creative and fun Groups to check once in a while.

Vintage Infographics

If you think infographics are something new, this Group will surprise you in so many ways, with pre-1990 illustrated visual explanations of anything.

Cosmic Noodles / Galactic Doodles

This group is intended to capture artworks from space eras past and present (with a special focus on the current one) of all things cosmic in various art forms – from music artwork to graffiti to illustration and movies. Great for Sci-Fi geeks!


For inspiration, one of the Groups to visit is Interface Design. Screenshots of cool websites, web applications and, of course, infographics.

Have we missed some Group? If so, do us info-maniacs a favor and leave your suggestion in the comments!

This group is about illustrations published in magazines

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