Thanks To The Advertisers For The Inspiration

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Here at Inspired Magazine we really feel lucky to have such an exquisite group of advertisers.

Also, we have a few spots left, so if you’re interested, you can get them at a very good price through the awesome Buy Sell Ads system.

  • Mouthoff – The funniest iPhone app on the market! If you didn’t see the sound reactive animated mouths for the iPhone you must be living under a rock! You can fix this now for just 1$!! Also, you should check the official tumble for the upcoming artist signature series and follow Mouthoff on Twitter!
  • App Smile – One of the best iPhone apps reviewers on the interwebs, they continue to grow every day with fresh articles and awesome giveaways! You must also follow them on Twitter to be non-stop in the know!
  • Mills – The only tweeter on the Internet not talking f*ck*ng shite! If you must follow only one interactive studio CEO, visionary iPhone developer & online pop-culture critic, you should definitely follow him! When he’s not taking care of the 40 family members @ UsTwo, he’s in the TweetMaster™ mode.
  • Animalizer – thanks guys for this insanely cool iPhone game! And then again… what’s funnier than seeing your friend looking like as a chimp? Perhaps your sister looking as a piglet.

Thank you for sponsoring our magazine!

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