Text Drive: An Inappropriate Poem in Textual Terms

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A follow up to Love Triangle by Alexa Lash – a writer, editor, and on-the-spot poet. Former Floridian and resident Bostonian, she has written for the Seminole Chronicle, Momslikeme, and the Central Florida Future, and is currently working in the Journalism Department of Emerson College.

Let’s talk about text, baby.

about the subtext,
pretext, and re-text
involved in a contextual relationship:


bad text
rough text
text so good, you can’t text it


text in the morning,
the afternoon,
at night
textual delight.

textual feeling
textual healing
textually appealing
body text

naughty text
texting constantly
to get the textual reaction
then the (hopefully) eventual textual satisfaction
of being textually active.

Let’s talk about the textuality involved
in texting too much, too quickly:

texts proposing love
texts proposing texts

text on boat or text in box
Dr. Seuss style, text with fox (insert winking emoticon here)

group text
private text
text she wasn’t supposed to know about

repeated text


text you failed to send
text break
text mend

text you think is simple,
but is definitely complicated

text meant to deceive
text she never received

text you wish you never texted


text you forget you texted
until she sees it
(let’s just say…it is textually inappropriate).

Let’s talk about text, baby.

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Alexa Lash – a writer, editor, and on-the-spot poet.