What if we tell you can’t be a freelance writer?

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“I went freelance in 1996 and my children are now teenagers and it seemed right.”

– Rachel Johnson.


If you think of becoming a freelancer, get ready to find the truth out here!

Freelancing is cool. Yes, it really is. When it comes to your career, freelancing seems a very attractive option to try. Hundreds of articles have been written already, which describe numerous benefits of freelancing:

  • tons of info to help you become a freelancer
  • time saving
  • money
  • a lot of money
  • easy money
  • sorry, but… yes, money again

Hmm… It sounds great, doesn’t it?

We bet, you’ll name dozens of freelancers who have become extremely lucky and successful at this niche. Yes, they are cool, and they do not need any additional tips on writing anymore! But are you as cool as they are? What if we tell you can’t be a freelancer? Any proves needed? You are welcome!

Freelancing is definitely not for you, if:

1. You are in love with your free time

Do you still believe the words “freelancing” and “free time” are synonyms? So, get ready for the biggest disappointment every freelancing newbie has: deadlines will be your best friends now. Plus, if you try to combine your full-time job and freelancing, and you have to work on several projects at the same time, just think logically: where will your free time come from?

Don’t panic! We don’t wanna say that you’ll slave away at your freelance work. It will just be a problem, if you are not ready to spend your free time on this.

2. You hate deadlines

Is it a problem for you to work under pressure? Will you have enough time to work on all projects your freelancing will have for you? If you quit your office job for it, then your answer is “Yes!” probably. Well done, you can give it a try then. Do you consider freelancing just an extra way to earn money? Oops! Your clients will not listen to any excuses about why you haven’t done the work in time.

3. You are not flexible

A work of freelancers reminds a roller-coaster: one day brings you many new projects, but there are some moments when you do not have any orders at all. Are you flexible enough to deal with that? Remember: some weeks or even months will bring you nothing at all. Forget: night dreams, when a cool project suddenly appears, and it should be finished in time.

4. You need money here and now

Only one question here: Do you know a freelancer who gets money from his clients in advance? If you are not ready to wait for your salary for a week or a month (yes, it happens sometimes)… well, you know what we mean.

5. You do not have anything to offer

Yes, we know you are cool! But how should your potential clients know it? Just read our lips: P-O-R-T-F-O-L-I-O. No, we don’t say that you will not be able to become a freelancer if you do not have a portfolio, but every client would rather see some works of you before hiring you for a project.

Are you a designer or a writer? Create a nice online portfolio with some videos, links to your blog posts, websites, published articles, or press-releases. Prove them you can deal with their tasks!

6. It will interrupt you

“Freelancing is tough. It can be very difficult, in fact. It can wear people down, making them lose sight of what they used to love because they have to do everything else just to get by.”
― Mason Hipp

Sooner or later you will have to make a choice: your full-time job or freelancing (if you try to combine them of course). Your client may call you during a daytime to ask about his project. It does not seem a very big problem first, but we doubt if your boss is happy to find out that you discuss your freelancing problems at work.

7. You doubt if there is enough work for you

Is a freelance market very big today? Yes! Are you sure you’ll have enough orders? Oops! Your mistake: you think there will be enough work for everyone, even newbies who do not have enough practice and knowledge concerning how the whole system works.

“Acting is a freelance career… you never stop having to prove yourself and fight for work.”
― Miranda Otto

It is not enough to call yourself a freelancer, sit and simply wait for clients to come. You should always search for new opportunities, learn the market, develop new skills to become a person all clients will want to work with. How much time are you ready to spend on that? Are you sure it will be enough for you to call yourself a really professional freelancer? There is always room for perfection. You can always get it if you really want it, and if you feel that this is exactly what you need.

Author bio:  is a freelance writer and blogger of Bid4Papers, a company that helps students reach their academic goals. Lesley works as a private educator, and she is always ready to share her experience with others.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

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