The American people has spoken. Barack Obama was re-elected and will remain as the President of the United States for the next four years. Similar to what occured back in 2008, Social Media was a key component of the political campaign, for both sides. And if we think about what changed in the past four…Continue Reading “Election 2012 and Social Media in 20 infographics”

Even before infographics became so popular as a marketing and SEO tool, graphic designers where playing with them, mostly on personal projects among which the resume was always a favorite. It’s tempting to visualise our professional skills an academic background in a non-traditional way. But making a good infographic resume sounds easier than it really…Continue Reading “Infographic Résumés: 20 great examples”

It’s been now almost two weeks since the tech media made its headlines about the 1st year without Steve Jobs. On October 5th 2011 Mr. Jobs loss his fight against cancer, and one year later Apple has become the ruler or tech companies and one of the most valuable companies ion the world. A big…Continue Reading “Steve Jobs: a trip to memory lane with these interactive graphics”

You don’t have to be a Marketing researcher to understand that images are the real-thing, when it comes to creating content that is easily promoted through social networking sites like Facebook. We are indeed ‘Visual Beings’, and when you think about it, it all comes as a consequence of the invention of Photography. Even digital…Continue Reading “Become a better photographer with these 25 infographics”

Following the tradition of featuring here on Inspired Mag the best infographics about our favorite super heroes, it’s time to show how designers from all over the world portrayed the most recent Batman movie. Despite the Aurora tragedy, no question that the ‘dark knight’ is one of the top DC heroes, probably the only one…Continue Reading “The Dark Knight Rises in 20 Infographics”

It’s been a while since the whole ‘good/bad infographics’ discussion started. The use of this powerful communication tool for SEO has practically created a new market  for design agencies and freelancers, with many companies ‘trying out’ an infographic as a way of bringing visitors to their sites. And, like in every other market, there’s the…Continue Reading “30 Infographics about…Infographics!”