This is going to be the first in a number of articles in which I will look into the process I and many others hold as almost a definition of self… Defining Creativity Part 1. What is creativity? It is not something that we can easily define. As an Illustrator and Designer as well as…Continue Reading “Defining Creativity”

It’s all very well creating beautiful, intricate illustrated letterforms, but how do you convert them into a usable display font without sacrificing detail or quality? HypeForType explains how they converted Alex Trochut’s illustrated alphabet into Neo Deco, an D&AD award winning quality display font. Alex Haigh provides us with a key insight into this process in…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Create An Intricate Display Font – HypeForType Tutorial”

Do films require video to be entertaining? Take away the people in a movie, what left is there?. Add in cleverly designed typography, and you’ve birthed life into something that was lifeless. Below are fifteen examples of stunning kinetic typography pieces timed to fifteen different popular films.