Want to contribute a theme to Tumblr’s Theme Garden, but not sure how to design a template that would be used by tons of people? What should it look like? How customizable should it be? Here, A Good Company shares a few things they’ve learned on how to create a useful, customizable, and well-designed Tumblr theme.

Now that Tumblr is getting bigger and bigger every day and it’s kicking Posterous’s ass, now it’s the perfect moment to compile our first roundup of fresh premium Tumblr themes. Yup, we’re not talking about the same old themes you see everywhere, but about new exclusive designs that help your tumblog to really stand out….Continue Reading “20 New and Amazing Premium Tumblr Themes – Yes, Premium!”

Tumblr is a great blogging platform (they invented the Reblog trend) but I think it’s real power stands in the visual field. There are alot of graphic enthusiasts out there searching and publishing daily all kind of visual goodies, so we made a selection of the 50 most inspirational tumblelogs. Happy Bookmarking!