Over at Red Lemon Club (which gives advice to creatives on building influence), founder Alex Mathers has been spending the last few years compiling some of the common issues people have with their creative careers. I put together a list of 24, with short answers. Here are the first five… 1. How do I find…Continue Reading “Red Lemon Club answers common questions asked by creatives, quickfire mode”

So you have a new client and you’ve been assigned the case of producing a killer design for them. Something that only you have been entrusted with… The big opportunity comes…You sit down with them or converse through email and the only thing you can come up with is “What are you looking for?”

Design Reviver, one of the most active web design blogs out there, comes with a new resource for the creative community – Design Reviver Answers! Finally we can ask without any fear of being offtopic our secret questions about CSS, find an answer to our darkest curiosities about HTML5, or answer the deepest dilemmas around PHP!