As technology advances, the cut-throat nature of online marketing gets increasingly brutal. The demand for transparent, conveniently communicated information, both visually captivating and instantly rewarding, is uncompromising. Don’t despair, parallax scrolling is about to become your knight in shining armor. It offers the dynamic of 3D illusions, creating depth by layering images, then scrolling the…Continue Reading “Daring dimensions: 15 enhancing parallax web designs”

This is a guest post from Robby Leonardi, a designer and developer from New York and it’s based on his website. This tutorial will explain some of the techniques behind his website. 1. Parallax Effect on Mouse Move See the animated images First, all of images and their data will be stored in an array called objectArray. var…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Create a Simple Web Parallax Effect aka Javascript Animation”