After the huge success of the IdN subscription giveaway organized with our friends from Magnation, we both decided to extend our collaboration! So meet Printspiration Giveaway, an ongoing effort to inspire and reward our creative readers with the latest and greatest inspirational magazines.

Writing is telepathy, Stephen King wrote. The author sends a message; we receive it. Preferably, in our favorite reading spot, where the signal is strong and the transmission from author to reader unimpeded. It might be a sofa, a park bench, the john, whatever. For me, it’s airplanes.

A few years back every blogger wanted a magazine theme, to have a ton of featured articles in header and so on, but this trend is no longer hot. Now every magazine wants a blog for the homepage. So here are the coolest 10 bloggy magazines we found. As usual, please share links and opinions…Continue Reading “10 Creative Magazines With Blog & Twitter Friendly Websites”

Like the fall of the TV, the must anticipated and rumored extinction of print magazines and newspapers is a hot subject for a few years now. Maybe what the Internet revolution hasn’t accomplished (magazine extermination) will the Recession finish, but we can still enjoy alot of print awesomeness these days, so sit back and relax…Continue Reading “Magazine Heaven – 20 websites that scream “Media is NOT dying””