If there’s one thing that’s been made perfectly clear, it’s that social networks are here to stay (at least for awhile). Whether you spend every waking minute updating your Facebook page with your current meal or you run from it like it’s the plague, there’s no denying its existence and what it means for either…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Manage multiple social media accounts”

I have very mixed feelings about social media. And that’s why it’s almost taken until now to really start to work with these tools in a business capacity. For all the benefits that it provides, I have had some serious hang-ups when joining, and participating in, social media. And, I’ll tell you why. Loss of…Continue Reading “On Social Media”

Google+ Pages are here, and major businesses are already jumping on board. Having lost a certain amount of the summer’s momentum for personal users, Google may be hoping that a strong showing by the business sector will reverse the increasingly lackluster overall view of the company’s social network. “For you and me, this means we…Continue Reading “Can Google+ for Businesses Compete with Facebook/Twitter?”