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What makes a business successful? There are many obvious answers: high sales, brand recognition, excellent reputation, strong customer loyalty. At Webics, we believe success comes through perseverance and striving to reach goals. We love challenges, and it is our passion to help our clients’ businesses and companies succeed. The results named above are all wonderful signs of a healthy business. The challenge is in how to get there.

One of the primary ways in which any business grows and gathers a devoted customer base is through marketing. Webics is a web marketing agency, so we deal specifically with online content for client businesses.

Online marketing can be a tough nut to crack. With information constantly at everyone’s fingertips, you want to do several things: First, you want to make sure your marketing helps your product/company/service stand out against your competitors’. Second, you want to provide quality information which is useful, helpful, and beneficial to the consumer. The second element is at the helm of successful online content marketing.

It doesn’t require pushy, “salesy” content to obtain more customers and sell a product. Consumers have enough promotional material being stuffed down their throats and assaulting their eyes on a daily basis. If your marketing techniques involve just another typical sales push, you are likely to be overlooked and ignored as a company.

How Can You Do This?

Content that stands out as truly different from the competitors, however, is what, in the end, sells. The way you remain apart from the competition is by presenting honest information that is relevant to your customers’ needs. You do this by presenting the facts. You offer web content which informs and instructs. Teach your customers something. If you’re selling a product, don’t just brag about what it can do for the customers, but look at it from a unique angle. Perhaps a testimonial from a real user of that product. Facts and figures are always a plus, because these too, are true measures of a product or service’s value. Consumers can see through pushy, false advertising, but interesting, valid points have a much greater impact.

Make You and Your Company the Resident Experts

With online content marketing, you want to set up a successful status for yourself, crafting an honest, outstanding reputation for excellent service and expert knowledge. While working with your marketing manager or an external marketing organisation, they will help you excel at SEO for your services and products. A good web marketing strategy helps your company to build a veritable library of content, through constantly updated blogs or top quality web site copy. Alongside your company’s knowledge base and top grade SEO techniques, you can set yourself up as the experts in your industry or field. With blogs and other information readily available to their potential customers, you are able continually sharing knowledge and expertise–creating loyalty, and at the same time, boosting sales enormously. This truly is an extraordinary approach to online marketing that’s been known to work time and again.

Other methods

In addition to some of the ideas mentioned above, there are some other suggestions which can help enhance your online content marketing. A huge one is customer engagement. Without being “pushy”, businesses can get their customers involved with the products, through online surveys, contests, and other creative outlets. A gentle “call to action” goes so much further than an insistent sell. The Internet is an amazing place, so marketing can also now be augmented by the use of multimedia. Nowadays, a widely used marketing strategy involves Twitter and engaging consumers through retweets of company-generated tweets. Twitter is one of the fastest-growing and most widely used social media platforms, and because it is simple to use and straightforward in its sharing of information, your company can exponentially reach customers or potential customers through the right social media marketing strategies. Very creative approaches to social media are taking the Internet by storm. Recently, Domino’s Pizza in the UK utilised a popular hashtag campaign to incentivise customers. Their campaign stated that for every tweet including the hashtag #letsdolunch, they would lower the price of a large pepperoni pizza by  £0.01. This was a great way to get the right consumers involved–offering them a very real result for their brand engagement and giving them a reason to share. Consumers respond very well to creative approaches, and this type of exciting, innovative campaign gives your company that extra buzz.


Though it is easy to try and sell with a strong push, ultimately, your customers will not respond well to this method. Take the time to work out a creative approach. Help the customers see that your product or service is indispensable, unique, and will truly serve them in some way–making their lives easier, better, or more enjoyable. Give a go at some of the tips above and you will see right away how consumers will appreciate your honest, education-based outlook.

Author bio: Matthew Ozolins co-founded Webics and he specialises in building marketing systems that help businesses work smarter rather than harder on growing great brands with loyal customers. You can circle him on Google+ or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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