Submit Your Sites to The Web Designer’s Idea Book – Volume 3

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The third book in the Web Designer’s Idea Book series is in production now and is set for release in early 2013 (around February). Our friend Patrick  McNeil is currently writing the book and the call for entries is open, so head over and submit your sites!

Each of the idea books features a secondary focus or topic. The first featured a range of inspiration based on colors and color pallets. The second introduced the various principles of design along with inspiration and real life samples, it also had an introduction on how to safely and effectively leverage inspiration. For the third volume Patrick plans to focus on technical developments that have been radical forces in shaping the landscape of design. Among these will be topics such as responsive design, custom typefaces, CMSs and CSS3.

Patrick takes pride in the fact that his books feature sites from a wide range of designers, from world renowned agencies and designers to small shops that have yet to get any major attention. The bottom line is that they produce beautiful designs worth sharing and getting inspired from. I encourage you to submit your work and take a chance on getting into his next book.

MORE: Pre-order the Designer’s Web Handbook

It is almost here, The Designer’s Web Handbook should be shipping in mid May and is now availalbe for pre-order. The core mission of this book is to demystify the various technologies and components of the web and enable the designer to effectively embrace the medium. Much like a painter learning how to master his materials, this book will help you navigate your way through the myriad of technologies on the web and empower you to truly understand how to design effectively for the medium. Pre-order on for $19.56

Who is this book for?

The Designer’s Web Handbook is targeted at designers, new and old, that are well versed in the fundamental principals of design, but are struggling to apply them to the web. It’s also for those designers working in the web industry, but are realizing that the methods and design patterns they developed for print don’t directly translate and the results tend to come up short. A sure sign that this book is for you is if you, is if your designs do manage to be built, but they are difficult to use, hard to update and have no sense of flexibility.

This book will guide you through a series of topics all geared at helping the designer embrace the web for it’s strengths, and understand how to navigate its weaknesses. It is only through a more through understanding of these nuances that a designer can fully embrace the web and design for it in the most effective ways.

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