Stop Launching Blogs, Start Contributing

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First, as you’re already here, do check out 20 Top Design Blogs Looking for Freelance Writers. It feels like every month there are hundreds of new design blogs being launched, I’m not claustrophobic, but it starting to feel crowded.

Retweets, digg’s, bumps, somehow the new blog gets it’s articles around. I have been running Inspiredology for 2+ years now, and I am very grateful for all the visitors that helped give it the attention. Back then, the blogosphere was represented by a lot of bigger named blogs today – Smashing Magazine, FreelanceSwitch, the TUTS empire and etc… Inspiredology was one of the many smaller blogs, trying to do what it could to reach awesomeness.

Today too many blogs are being created, I feel lost in the information and inspiration. There can only be so many different showcases featuring (insert number here) Examples of Brilliant Illustrations. I understand the internet has endless information, and we are just trying to showcase that. I would just like to go to a few destinations to get all the information. Look at Smashing Magazine, they have been the staple of design blogs for a while now. Recently they just introduced the SM Network, now by using their popularity, they have aggregated more posts from other sites. Which gives them the label of a one stop shop. Is there any real reason for going to any other site?

What I am trying to say is the blogosphere is being over saturated with design blogs. I am writing today to bring up a realistic solution.

Let’s contribute to already established blogs instead of creating new blogs.

I know guest blogging isn’t a new concept, but when you are thinking about launching a new blog be sure to weigh out the options. Think about it, what are the main reasons for starting a blog – you want to express your thoughts. Does it really matter where your thoughts are expressed? Established blogs are always accepting guest writers, and it pays very well, you could crank out two articles a week and make over $2000USD a month. I know I don’t make that much doing what I am doing.

Let’s look on the other side, you want to start a blog to hopefully be the next big thing. Share your thoughts, and hopefully make some money down the road. Let’s not forget starting a blog takes time, you have to come up with an idea (name, logo, brand), purchase a domain, set up your blog, design your blog, and then write good content. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we all know taking care of a blog takes a lot of on going maintenance and management.


There are a number of awesome design blogs. Let’s try to make them better, and not saturating the industry. Let’s face it, the more over-saturated it gets the harder it will be to filter out the bad stuff to get the real good content.

Chad lives in Canada eh!, when he's not shooting donut shape rubber pucks, he's running Inspiredology and designing anything to get his creative juices flowing.
  • This is a nice article. However, people should not stop launching blogs because blog is the place where everyone can share knowledge. Do we need to contribute such a quick tip blog posts in some popular blogs and magazines? And not sure they will accept them. Anyway, this is a interesting post, although it should be named the title “Stop writing duplicated content, write unique!”

  • you took the words out of my mouth.

  • I agree on most points, Chad. The industry is waaaaay over cooked with “design blogs!” that rehash the same thing over and over again. This has been a pet peeve of mine for quite some time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rad posts featuring “new” WordPress themes or “new” wallpapers that are simply rearranged lists stolen from a dozen other blogs. Original content is in short supply even, regrettably, on some popular and well known design blogs. Too many crank out articles that teach nothing other than an ambiguous piece of “inspiration.” The bulleted lists can only go so far, and then yes, the market is saturated and people are bored.

    While there’s a limit to the number of “43+ Ways to Blah Blah Blah…” posts you can have (though they’re always relatively popular), there is no limit to genuine creativity and originality. If someone writes good articles, has a good knowledge of their stuff and is out to share and inform rather than get paid advertisers, it stands to reason they start a blog. But as you pointed out, they should be ready to work for it.

    Well written. Thanks.

  • Nice post and some good points although I have to say I disagree. Personally, creating my own design blog allows me to have creative control over everything I do, I manage the site, I decide who posts, what the posts are on etc and if it does well I reap any benefits.

    Smaller Design Blogs will rarely hit the high levels as often these days like Smashing magazine has because they are a little too late and there are lots out there but theres nothing wrong with aspiring to be better and putting out your own piece of the web. Some of the best posts come from unknown and upcoming blogs.

    Just because someone chooses to blog on their own site this doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing and although people like smashing magazine pay lots for articles, this surely shows you how much money they are making themselves to be able to afford to do so.

  • I can definitely feel your frustration in your writing, but I will have to disagree with some of the things you said. I do agree that we need to start contributing and share more with each other, but stopping people from creating their own blogs is not the answer.

    I may be a bit bias though because I do own my own blog, (who doesn’t now days, like you said) and I do have roundups and use the word “Brilliant” in my titles, but I don’t think that stopping people from creating their own domain is the answer. If someone has good content to contribute to the design community, it should not matter where that post lives; they’re site, your site or anywhere else. Obviously having a post on your site would bring more attention to that post, and therefore more exposure but again, it will have to be approved by you.

    Another thing is that by only contributing to a few central blogs that will only create more work. Sites like yours will have to sort through thousands of submissions a day from people “guest writing”. Not to mention that all the submissions are subject to that blogs standard, that might not be a bad thing necessarily, god knows there is bad content out there that is watering down good content, but who has the power to say what is good for me and what is not?

    When I am looking for new inspiration for an upcoming projects I will go through many sites until I find that one piece that will inspire me. I don’t want that to be filtered by the few.

    Just my 2 cents!

  • This has really made me think about why I’m running a design blog…I’ll need some time to sort out my thoughts, but great brain-food here. Well done.

  • I don’t disagree that it’s saturated.

    I do think saturation is a good thing though.

    Almost all products are viewed from the negative since there is no way to know what is “perfect.” So if you have two products within a given market they appear mediocre or average. There’s really no way to judge because the user has nothing to compare them with. Start throwing in crappy products along side those and now all the sudden they appear better than average, they’re good.

    Wal-Mart and other chain stores employ this technique. Not all of their products are made to sell. In fact many of them are there to give the consumer illusion of choice and make other products appear better.

    Saturation means a lot of people are doing it which means a lot of people are following the trends, doing what others are doing etc. Group think, herd mentality blah blah blah There’s plenty of opportunity even in a saturated market to go against the grain and stand out from the crowd.

  • Good article!

    I guess you are right, but as long they all contribute something to the community, I am willing to search – and follow – them, even if it takes a lot of time!

  • Amen, bro. Amen.

  • I’m with Anthony here. With more and more average blogs it’s even easier to stand out from the crowd.

    But there is one more thing. If someone wants to contribute to popular blogs and bring a real value to the community he/she needs to taste blogging. By this I mean to start your own blog, learn from inevitable mistakes, and gain some experience. In my opinion, only then it will make sense.

  • I agree with comments above. But not with saturation. I am subscribed to a lot of the big design blogs, including this one. I can understand where you are coming from. I see a lot of the same content going between them. I am actually bored with a lot of the design blogs. (Don’t get me wrong, InspireMag – for me- have always been standing from the crowd) I even see new blogs that follow the exact same pattern as the older ones, just to make money. So in that case I agree, just rather guest post for money on blogs that is doing the same thing already. There are room for new blogs, for people that are passionate about something and have something original to share.

  • Silver Sova

    Maybe the problem is exactly in information flow.. or the lack of it. You say there are alot of blogs out there, willing to pay good money for people to contribute and guest write. Maybe there’s just not enough information about those blogs? I’ve been reading SM (and almost everything in its network now) for years and I can probably only mention two or three other blogs that are happy to pay for writing.

    I’m sure you agree, many of the people starting a new blog, wish for public attention, a pat on back, if you will. Maybe one of the keys to bringing down the avalanche of “43 amazing trivial designs i found last night” blogs is to give more attention to the authors. I step up and admit: I rarely notice the authors in a typical blog layout.

  • FL

    Good article, i get your point. I kinda feel the same BUT that’s only about those million blogs, who just do the same as the ones they look up to.. and all those blog with that same content.

    A big design blog: Abduzeedo.. i visit it everyday and i just enjoy the site. But hey: They have a sites of the week post every week, and always all the sites there are just sites from a css gallery like cssmania or something.. so 9 out of 10 times i already know those sites. that’s just an example

    And that’s the real problem if you ask me… 7 out of 10 blogs just explorer the internet and other blogs…make a huge big list, and then post it into one post.

    They provide no real new content.

    But that’s just my opinion for those blogs, for the rest i disagree and i think if you have an good idea for your own blog.. even it’s about design again.. just do it.

    otherwise it’s like saying to brands: “HEY don’t do that, don’t try to make a better product.. just go along with what’s we’ve allready got”

    A very wrong aditude if you ask me.

  • Armin C.

    you wrote: “…you could crank out two articles a week and make over $2000USD a month.”

    My question would be what blog gives 1000$ on average for a post?

    2.I do agree with you to some point. Blogs today have become junk food for the brain with a bunch of copy/list posts that have no or little substance or add nothing in terms of the debate on a given subject. This does not mean there is no room for new blogs, but rather the opposite, we need new QUALITY blogs. That being said my adivce would be: open a blog but don’t spam it (yes bad posts are spam, at least in my book). If you can’t post lists with substance, useful articles and stuff people will actually benefit from that consider posting less often and/or apperaing on other blogs rather than oppening a new one.

  • Chad, Excellent article. I don’t have time to read through all the comments, so I hope I’m not repeating anything here…

    A lot of people are setting up blogs purely to make money. The reason Smashing Magazine became so big is because they really care about what they do and believe in it, and that naturally resulted in success.

    And you’re absolutely right about being able to make good money writing for other sites. Almost all my writing material goes to either Smashing Magazine or Web Designer Depot, for the simple reason that they’re willing to pay me good money for the material, and I know it will reach the widest possible audience. And if they reject something, no big deal, I just post it on my own site as a last resort. But that has never happened.

    Everyone should take Chad’s advice seriously. There’s no point in trying to become the next big thing — that gravy train has passed. Contributing to the already existing and established sites is easily the best choice for individuals and for the community as a whole.

    Thanks, Chad. Great discussion point here.

  • Great comments everyone, I am glad this discussion has started, because I think it’s an important topic to speak about.

    I write this post because I want people to understand that creating a blog isn’t the only solid option – and for some one that has a hard time bringing themselves to commit to a blog, they can read this and feel that they have another option that might be just as rewarding.

    Stu – First and foremost – I love your blog, and thank you for joining the discussion. I agree with you, that the majority of the blogs will never reach the likes of SM, and your right – creative control is the most important for some users. If you can create a blog that stands out or offers content that is unique I am all for it.

    Semblance – I think we need to challenge ourselves to keep creating new websites, but not to create them just to have one – make sure the blog has a purpose and the purpose isn’t to recycle content and put a new title on it.

    Silver – I agree with you – I think guest writers should get more props, – its something that I want to make sure happens with the new Inspiredology site

  • Vanessa

    I disagree. I don’t believe there is a such a thing as saturation on the net. Read what speaks to you, leave the others for someone else. That’s the beauty of the internet. Low cost, everyone can have a say, the best will rise.

    And really, your blog is only 2 years old, you are hardly a seasoned pro here. And what makes your content so unique? From what seen much of your content could easily have been on any other blog, or “recycled”.

    I’m sorry but this article wreaks of “don’t create more competition for me, just write for me.”

    So, does this mean you are shutting down inspiredology and just going to contribute to Inspired Mag now?

  • Your message is like saying stop being an entrepreneur and just go work for someone else. Everyone with a dream of making a name for themselves online needs to have a blog. The trick is to do it better than all the other bloggers that are ‘crowding’ the blogosphere.

  • Good points. Hopefully some will consider their other options before defaulting to “build another design blog” the next time they have a bit of spare time on their hands… :-)

    Good article.

  • I think Chad didn’t mean that people must stop launching blogs generally.

    Nothing can stop you from launching blog that is unique in a way.

    But there are a lot of so called design blogs on which the content is almost republished with a few tweaks from those big ones. And so there is no added value for that kind of content.
    Nowadays it’s just a matter of few clicks, especially when “Woothemes” is near for help with their “Busy Bee” or “Fresh News” theme too, and voilà you have a nice and shiny bait for those hungry newbie designers.
    The first thing that pops in my mind when landing on one of those is: “Just another design blog”.

    But hey, who am I to judge. Those people just want to earn some money supposedly from ads; sometimes too much of ads.

    So let’s contribute to community by writing exceptional and useful guest posts, but as ryanMoultrup pointed out that we do not want to work for others our entire life, that’s why we’ll create our own unique blogs, which eventually are going to be listed in all showcases of inspiration and unthinkable creativity.

    Almost forgot. Thanks Chad! Good article.

  • Brayden Styles

    i think if you have something useful to add to the web on a regular basis then blogging from your own site is very good if your looking to brand you as in your own company or online presence.

    If you are just looking to write and not be bothered with your own brand online, then working for a company can be good on many fronts again if you have things to add that the user will like and find resourceful

    kudos to the writer here it’s gotten people talking and thats half the battle !

  • I have to agree with ryanMoultrup!!!

  • I find that nobody can ever agree on a strategy so that is why there is so many blogs.

    I also make a living setting up people with their own blogs, it’s fast, easy and cheap

  • You’re right, actually.

    And if you look at all the blogs in SM-network; 80% is overlapping.
    Just an actual illustration:
    A Collection of “Coming Soon” Web Pages

    Both published today. Both member of SM-network.

    However…a real niche blog could be just interesting enough.

  • JD

    The title should read, “Quit creating more competition for me & start making my blog better”

  • James

    So you don’t like the competition? Who are you to tell people not to start blogs and do what they love?

  • You have a valid point – it’s crowded online and much content is being re-used on many blogs.

    The solution is not to stop creating new blogs, but to differentiate. Perhaps its time for blogs to focus on local levels – design in your neighborhood or city for example. Where there is also the possibility to actually meet each other.

  • @James who are you to tell someone they can’t tell people to not start blogs?


  • Antonio

    I agree with you.

    in every word.

  • WallMountedHDD

    People are going to keep creating clone blogs and banal drivel forever because A) They want complete, selfish control, B) They want to become e-Famous, C) Ad revenue. I agree with this article, but people won’t stop.

  • Not everyone launches a design blog simply to be the next big thing. Speaking for myself, I started my blog as a means of bookmarking cool stuff that I found inspiring for later reference and keeping track of ideas that might otherwise be forgotten and I am guessing that is also the prime motivation behind many design bloggers The fact that other people also find this stuff inspiring is really just a bonus .

  • I totally disagree! This isn’t the way that you say people to stop launching blogs.

    And secondly, regarding launching the blogs, why don’t you put down and start working/contributing for smashingmag or webdesignledger or something.

    There are thousands of newbee web designers who want to write and share and ofcourse make money. If they all start to share on only 10-12 main websites, just think what would have happen then? Wouldn’t then those WELL KNOWN websites will become saturated?

    Saturation is good. Competition is everywhere. It brings up the best.
    So please let people write. whether on their own website or some others.

  • kucrut

    There’s alwas a reason to go to other sites and writing is not always about money…

    With that said, I agree with Lam Nguyen: “Stop writing duplicated content, write unique!”

  • TyzMedia

    I think you are missing 1big point. Many blogs are launched by designers who have a passion to design a personal project. It is as much about launching the ship as who all is onboard. Having the dedicated time to contribute a worthwhile writing is the stormy sea.
    List-blogging is sure getting to be old schtick, that’s for sure. I could link a bazillion articles … No really :)

  • Conta

    Well,to be honest,i like reading comments more than the post:)

    The reason is that i can easily write a new article cuz i’m really inspired by the comments:)

    What i understand from this article is ”don’t make blogging,just leave the arena to big blogs like us and write for us and we earn money,you earn by writing articles”

    Sorry Chad..this is not the way.I own 3 small blogs and i earn $1000 from them and i will continue to make blogging.I don’t write articles to other blogs and will never do.


    It is impossible for me to compete with big blogs but possible for me to earn 2000 bucks.That is all i want

    Sorry for my poor English

  • This is horrible advice and I wish you wouldn’t print discouraging stuff like this. Didn’t inspiredm launch fairly recently?

    People should do whatever they want, and if they want to shoot for the moon and build something themselves, DO NOT DISCOURAGE THEM. This is the difference between greatness and mediocrity. What if Steve Jobs settled for designing PC cases for IBM?

    Fact: I have built up my personal blog to get a decent amount of traffic (nothing great, but like 2000 hits a day currently). This brings me ALL my income, bringing constant client + consultation work into the site, up to the point that I am considering opening a creative agency to be able to handle it all (instead of turning down 90% of what is offered to me).

    Additionally if I wanted to monetize the blog, I could put in ads and make around $500 a month easy, and that number is just growing. (And remember this is just a personal blog)

    And it’s not like my blog gets a ton of traffic either.

    So please, if you’re considering opening your own blog, don’t listen to this ridiculous nonsense, and try try try. You have as good a chance as anyone.

    (I’d also like to note that I do guest-blog, and I think it’s a good thing to do as well)

  • Chad, I follow Inspiredology via RSS and always enjoy your articles, but I can’t help but see the irony here… the owner of a design blog calling the design blogosphere oversaturated.

    You yourself claim that when Inspiredology started up only two years ago it was one of the smaller sites out there, and yet now you’re calling for designers with similar aspirations to give up on their plans for blogdom and instead contribute to established blogs?

    Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

    Now, I’ll be the first to concur that there ARE a lot of design blogs out there, and it would be a lot easier to sift through content if the content was kept to maybe a dozen or so quality blogs… but the WHOLE IDEA of content on the internet is dissemination – giving a voice to anyone and everyone.

    What we need isn’t less blogs, but improvements to the ways we filter the content that comes our way.

  • Sorry I couldn’t let this one go as it bothered me too much so I wrote a counter-argument to it here:

    I understand where you are trying to go with it, but I think you are delivering the wrong message.

  • Sheltz A Joseph

    good point man , wish there were’nt so many crap pc repairers in my country, it just makes the rest of look small and also bad in a way because these guys never get the job done and they do more damage but then again people have to learn who to trust

  • Your thoughts are definitely worth thinking about! :)

  • you’re rite, now almost everything get crowded… stay unique and not duplicating article will be a great idea…

  • seb green

    great article.

    been thinking this for a while now.

  • Andrew

    Good article…. Great conversation that followed, it’s great to see that everyone seems to be passionate towards the side they chose in this debate.

    I will agree with Chad that there is a ton of duplicate content out there.

    People argue that they start design blogs for exposure, they should focus the time into creating a killer portfolio and take the opportunity to write for a popular blog to allow more people to see them, and most importantly their design work / portfolio site.

    But at the end of the day, use your creativity however you choose, just make sure your content is unique.

  • Derrick Robbins

    I couldn’t agree more. I am sick and tired to clicking links on twitter with the tag lines “40 amazing tutorials” only to be horribly disappointed in the less than satisfactory list of videos on how to use the pen tool to create a flash 2.0 button.

    Give it up already.

  • I agree that people should stop making endless blogs and start contributing to the design community. However I wouldn’t necessarily say that having so many blogs is a bad thing. I mean, you can’t say that having too much information is bad when you can just ignore all the bad blogs and take in all the good information.

    I don’t think you should tell people to stop making design blogs because out of all the crap that’s produced, there will still be a bunch of people who start making quality content for the community.

    By discouraging this we’re allowing the bigger blogs to monopolize the whole online design world. Do we really want Smashing Magazine to rule all we design, and give us all our advice? No, because as humans we like variety, and Smashing Magazine doesn’t have all the answers.

    By discouraging readers to make their own start in the design space, you’re possible stopping something wonderful from happening. And anyway, it’s not like we’re going to run out of room.

  • The reason for this post was to bring up this topic. I wanted to get a discussion going, and I am glad everyone has posted their issues with this topic.

    I don’t want to tell people not to start launching blogs, I want people to understand that there are more options.
    Everybody says you need a blog, well that isn’t true… You don’t need to create a full blown blog to showcase and recycle the same old content that is floating around the web.

    Keep up the discussion, this topic needs to be addressed.

  • Let’s face it everyone is trying to up their industry profile in order to get money wages / higher freelance rates etc. Exactly the same as much of the public speaking. Most of it is nonsense by it makes the design economy tick over.

    The quality of psd tuts has gone down toilet. Check out the Noguchi coffee table tutorial it belongs on photoshop disasters and yet it is a paid for tutorial. Economic demands of the site advertising and paid subscibers mean that they have to churn content out, no different to any other media.

    One bloke criticises the tutorial and gets a load of abuse like it is charity and he has broken web ettique.

    Asking others to not try and enjoy the money and increased profile that other bloggers already have is bit like asking other phone companies not to try and compete with the iPhone. It completely against the fundamentals of the economy.

    The best ones will survive, stopping new ones, means the existing ones will go down in quality further and further, probably while putting prices up.

  • We didn’t have these kinds of debates back when one actually had to know how to code in order to launch an interactive website.

    I don’t know about the design industry blogs, but there is way to much copy and past going on in regard to information online. The blogging platform while being a great tool, has made it too easy for just-anyone to publish. Heck, you don’t even have to know how to spell much less code.

    There is too much duplication out there and the author has a valid point. But after all is said and done, I would have to support everyone’s right to blog. Great post.

  • ns

    I hate articles like these, discouraging people from doing what THEY want. I saw a similar article on

    I dont often go on SM tutorials, there are loads of other blogs out there. I recently launched my blog, it started off as showcasing latest wordpress themes and so many unique ideas are pouring out now, ideas for articles I cant see anywhere else right now.

    I take inspiration from other blogs who are not specializing in the area I want to, that allows me to start a blog on that idea and start serving it to people.

    So please let people do what they like, you don’t own the blogsphere and doesn’t mean you’ve been online for 5+ years that you can control what should be allowed and running.

    I think if you guys have a passion for writing articles on design, go for it. Just don’t copy others because it can really get boring – find unique ways of presenting your articles, tutorials, web guides, inspiration galleries etc.

    My latest launch will come in 2 weeks, it’s related to wordpress themes and I’m only doing it because no-one else has created it, plus it’s a great little money maker.

    Not a great post here, and it discourages me to ever return here again.

  • thanks for this article friend..

  • You make an extremely valid point, but as NS points out, you could in essence discourage a truly talented blogger from bringing something new and original to the table. Yes, there is an overload of information and to a great extent I agree with you – if you have something valuable to contribute, do so, but by telling them to guest post, they’ll putting their hard work and efforts into someone’s else’s hands who will benefit more from their guest post than the author in the long run.
    Yes, I guess that this does means that we’ll all have to work harder and continue to put our critical thinking skills to the test to sift through the crap, but isn’t there unlimited space here, anyway.
    But I’m not offended, of course I will still continue to enjoy this site and I’m always happy to return.

  • Great thought. Everyone should know this

  • ha, already a lot of people are contributing via the comments. let them blog too!

    And i’m in line with your thoughts, although it’s already happening for the last 4 years…

    therefore I challenge people to take their blog to the next level! Make it an experience ;)

  • Great post and I completely agree. I am an avid blog reader but the amount of times I see top 10 this or top 5 that time and time again on mediocre blogs of the same sites is just too much. Now I will say that I am not a blogger, one because I am not a writer and two I don’t think I could bring anything original to the table, which is probably why my argument is for the post rather than against as some of the comments indicate who are probably bloggers themselves. Yes while little niche blogs are great at times, little gems of information I think because some of the popular mainstream blogs are making money through what ever means, people now think, I’ll make a blog, I will earn a nice income, easy peasy. I would say think of the reader and information overload. If you have a great article on a development language for example send it off to a seasoned development blog, you never know if its popular you could get a regular spot, no need to have your own blog.

  • Chad, good discussion but your wrong. People should be encouraged to create and contribute. It’s up to the readers to filter what they need from the information mass.

  • You just need to be yourself and post some interesting and fun stories about you or your company. Best choice in our social web world. There will be profit.

  • Actually I know I am going to be just one more comment in the mix of comments here. But, I really love your site. This is helpful and makes a great point. I have been mulling over what my next step was with blogging and freelance. I actually think guest posting is great. My only question is, how do know the reputation of a guest poster if they do not have a blog or a place they call “home”? Keep the posts coming!

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    I guess you are right, but as long they all contribute something to the community, I am willing to search – and follow – them, even if it takes a lot of time!

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