10 most wanted stock photo agencies for Valentine’s Day

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Pictures that allude to an approaching holiday tend to resonate with the audience, because they evoke familiar surroundings and states of mind. So, if you’re a designer, blogger, advertiser, publisher etc., this means that using holiday-driven images in your work is going to attract new clients. The big question is what are the best stock merchants to get images from, this Valentine’s Day? Here are some suggestions.

YAY Images


YAY Images would be my first choice in this context. With a database of almost 4 million creative assets to date, this agency stands out in more than one way. For starters, did you know it enables subscribers to host their purchased web images on its servers? Before long, users will also be allowed to upload their own images to be stored here.

There are four available subscription plans to speak of: Digital, Print, Pro, and Streaming. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that subscriptions focusing on virtual images charge much less than those of other agencies. As such, it would be advisable to go with Digital if you need a constant supply of 3 megapixel-images to use in apps, PowerPoints, or e-books – it would only cost you $49-a-month. And just wait till you learn about the YAY’s Streaming plan, or ‘Spotify for images’.

Allow me to point out what makes Streaming so special. It concerns online use of images, in blogs, websites, newsletters, etc., so users are free to take countless stock images that are 700 pixels wide/high for just $9 per month, and then edit them onsite. Therefore, you don’t have to download your recent acquisition, work on it with Photoshop, and then upload again.

Soon, all subscribers will be able to access the excellent online editor. Besides, in February, YAY Images is supposed to release 1 million celebrity photos. Furthermore, check out this great offer – a 50% discount is possible by using coupon code VALENTINE_INSPIREDM. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Meet Stockfresh, who is more than welcome to partake in my top ten stock photo sources of the moment. This agency was created by the founders of stock.xchng and stockxpert, and has so far piled up over 3 million stock vectors and photos for the use of publishers and designers. I believe that, what this supplier lacks in numbers, it compensates in other ways – namely, with unusual straightforwardness and convenience.

The user interface was designed intuitively, so as to save clients as much time as possible when they’re here, searching for flawless images to use in their projects. If you’re busy working towards a deadline and have to find beautiful Valentine-related images, Stockfresh alleviates your pressure and provides you with 50K photos and 18K vectors to choose from.

When it comes to buying from Stockfresh, you can do so via credit/subscription. Obviously, the least permanent option, prepaid credits, is for occasional buyers who just happened to stumble upon a wonderful stock file and want to get it. Thus, $4.99 buys 5 credits. Subscriptions, on the other hand, respond to constant and high volume customers, and begin from the monthly rate of $99.



Bigstock would also make a wonderful choice if you’re searching for an image supply that will get you through Valentine’s Day safely. Out of the colossal amount of 16 million stock files, there are 121K photos, 54K vectors, and 77K illustrations that mirror the forthcoming holiday quite skillfully and beg for your attention. It’s definitely worth it to go and check them out.

This stellar agency welcomes curious visitors with a 7-day Free Trial, and if they sign up for it, they may do so without worrying about a hidden catch, as it’s okay to cancel at any time if they’re unhappy. Yet, why would anybody give up the free treats? Bigstock enables the download of 5 images per day, over the course of a whole week, which can also be re-downloaded when need dictates. Hence, new users are graced with 35 free images just during the first week.

After the trial expires, you may start to acquire images from Bigstock’s huge collection either by credits, or subscription. Thus, for only $69-a-month, you can continue to get 5 images per day – just as much as during the previous free trial.



Photospin is yet another great stock photo source that you may want to consider next time you’re looking for crisp photos. This agency loves extremes: one may buy single files, or enlist in a yearlong subscription. Prices depend on the desired image size: $2 is the bottom limit when buying single items and a lengthy subscription to small-sized photos costs $429.



Veer also gets full marks. Apart from photos and illustrations, this agency places a vast selection of fonts at the disposal of passionate creative professionals. Since Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, I recommend ‘The Look of Love’, an album comprised of 50 wicked awesome images that are bound to make quite an impression on anyone who happens to look upon them.

Aurora Photos


Aurora Photos has a reputation that traveled far and wide. This agency is said to have supplied top-class stock photography to the likes of Apple Computers, TIMES, and even National Geographic. If you’re tempted to seek royalty-free images here, there are 1000 superb items that really make the grade this Valentine’s Day.



Pixmac sports a peculiar tradition, whereby its content is split in two unequal parts. The largest share, comprised of 7 million stock files, is readily accessible if you buy using credits, but the remaining 2 million and a half make up a Subscription Collection that fosters the best of what Pixmac has to offer. Taking both possibilities under account, 81K Valentine’s Day images await your attention.



Depositphotos is a valuable addition to this list. It wields 20 million stock photos, videos, and vectors for creatives. The reason why Depositphotos is such a wonderful idea for Valentine’s Day shopping is grounded in the Sales Lightboxes. In general, these special Lightboxes display loads of discounted images that speak about a current holiday. Right now, more than 900 images make up Valentine’s Day Lightbox – and they are all available at 20% off their normal price. What is more, the Depositphotos Adobe Extension helps designers save some time as they work, because they need not leave the Adobe workspace to get stock photos.



I would like to introduce you to Inmagine, who deserves to be mentioned in a top 10 agencies that hold great promise over the next few weeks, partly due to the fact that a regular Valentine’s Day search would turn up circa 20.000 thematic images that look downright brilliant, and it’s all too easy to refine the search using advanced filters.



I am going to wrap up top 10 microstock merchants with Alamy, which accepts an inflow of 21.000 new creative assets each and every week. In case you’re wondering, 42 million handsome-looking stock images have so far added up. If you run a search for Valentine’s Day, you’ll be presented with over 50K results. And lastly, you can choose to use a promo code that offers 30% discount in the case of vectors (the code being ‘alamyvectors’).


Here are some examples of gorgeous images, to give you a taste of what you may find in these excellent stock photo sources, now that Valentine’s Day comes knocking






Cheerful couple with heart




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