Amazing Space colony art from the 70s

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The idea of one day living in Space has always been an intriguing concept for humans. In the 1970s, scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Center conducted three different studies, the aim of these studies was to imagine how humanity might be able to survive in Space through the construction of huge space stations, or colonies. We have gathered some of the most interesting concepts here, and if you enjoy them as much as we have, you might want to check out the whole collection.

Bernal_Agriculture_AC78-0330-4_900 Bernal_Cutaway_AC76-1089_900 Cylinder_Endcap_AC75-1883_900 Cylinder_Interior_AC75-1086_900 Torus_Construction_AC75-1886_900 Torus_Cutaway_AC75-1086-1_900 Torus_Exterior_AC76-0525_900 Torus_Interior_AC75-2621_900 Torus_Model_AC76-0492.1_900

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