Still Think Social Media Is A Fad? [Infographic]

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Almost every day I talk with business owners who think social media is a fad, and if they just hold out long enough that it will go away. Or others that think social media is only used for sharing pictures of grandchildren and telling the world what you made for dinner.

In a time where people are using their Blackberry to check-in at a client meeting, their iphone to record a video from a seminar and post it on Facebook, or CEO’s reaching out to connections on LinkedIn to find a new employee – social media is now more business than ever. Businesses are using social media to educate consumers, create brand awareness, connect with like-minded others, be more transparent, and yes, even be social. This new way of communicating with prospects and customers has shifted the way companies think of marketing, opening new doors and options of reaching more people.

If you aren’t using social media to connect with your audience, you can bet your competition is. If you need proof in the pudding or know someone who needs it, take a look at the following infographic illustrating the reach of social media.

Check out the full-size infographic here and consider sharing this post with your friends or  clients.

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  • Nice infographic. Though I have to say that some of the Twitter statistics don’t support your argument that well. “5% of Twitter users account for 75% of activity” “83% of users post less than once per day” As a heavy social media user I can understand why that might be, but from the perspective of one of those people who do think social media is a fad, those numbers don’t look so great.

    I do agree with your point though. Social media is becoming an essential part of communication.

  • Mirey

    Life in 140 characters has become the mainstay of internet culture…. its my point of view. check out this article .

  • repost on my blog with a hat tip to you.

  • Nick

    I am a private person so there will always be a group of SMART people that will stay private and not open their lives to the world.

    Also, recommendations from my friends is the worst because we like different things. I could care less what my friend buys at Target.

    If your target is high school kids than its a winner cause they all like the same things so they can be considered COOL.

  • Lucky Pancho

    Nick sounds like “he did real gooder in the school”. And I guess the group of “smart” people he’s referring to doesn’t include any of the 20-something billionaires that created social media?! (What a rube!)

  • Nice infograpic :)

  • i need it.

  • I think it is great. i will take a look at the following infographic illustrating the reach of social media.

  • Only moronic fools would trust their personal lives and details to places like Facebook and Twitter. The idea that so many are doing it says nothing good about the decline of human intelligence.

  • Indradeep Dasgupta


    If only 22% of the World’s population has access to the Internet, how can 96% of people under 30 year olds be a member of a social network?

    Word population is approx. 7 billion.

    If the entire 1.5 billion that’s online is under 30 yrs of age, that’s still less than 96% of 3.5 billion.

    Could you cite sources you’re basing your numbers on?

  • Crand

    Creating an infographic to prove social media isn’t a fad proves it is.