Showcase of Creative Blogs with Totally Original Design

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These days is so hard to be original, especially in the web design field. But some of the blogs we came across lately are so totally authentic that we felt the need to showcase some of them in a special post. Also, please check Showcase of Outstanding Agency Blogs.

Trippin Words


A Way Back


Dustin Curtis




Mark Forrester


You Web Land




I am Garth


Movie Titles


db db




Style Boost


Made in England




Patrick Moberg


So please comment on your favorite unconventional blog and share other links with the community.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • The list is incomplete – you forgot my blog design :)

  • In case you’re interested here’s the addy:

  • Amazing designs. Anyway I love simple and minimalistic designs

  • Thanks for featuring Tripping Words. :)
    Some of the designs showcased are really good!


  • You missed
    You should really put lot of effort before writing such posts

  • Some great websites here.

    I recently re-did my website with a blog.

  • Very nice designs. Tripping Words is awesome!

  • C

    Not to be mean, but every site listed on here with exception to the starbucks site, is on every list about this topic going around this/last month.

  • WP rock!

  • How did Style Boost make it to the list. I mean, it’s not the worst design (I actually like it a lot), but ‘Totally Original’ might be a little too much honor.

  • Very interesting blogs ,A Way Back is very useful for me .

  • Oh, and blogs/portfolio’s that start out with “Hello, I am [name here]” are very, very far from original. Let’s stop doing that people!

  • Keggy, I doubt this was meant to be an exhaustive list. You brought in a great example, which is good, but your last comment was unnecessary.

  • Dont forget my new site:

    really trying to make it worth visiting every now and then

  • something different in here! Movie Titles is coool!

  • I love the irony here…

  • What About Abduzeedo, Veerle’s Blog, Inspired Mag and the rest.

    Cool blogs dude, keep rocking, I’m in love with Movie Titles too.

  • i too like a more minimalist approach – but that being said, some nice sites you have posted there.

  • I like to see the trends in posts like this; It’s interesting to see the same basic idea executed so many ways.

  • Nice list…

  • Yeah a few of these are more design based rather than informative but that’s not always a bad thing. Starbucks for example can focus on presentation over function/content. Sometimes when these sites are trying to display information that’s important yet have wild designs I can’t decide what I should be paying attention to.

  • These really are creative, nice collection thanks for the inspiration this late at night :)

    Don’t forget about Destiny Islands blog’s theme –

  • Nice list. Love the simplicity of “A Way Back”

  • Matt
  • Love the minimalism of A Way Back, no Jason Santa Maria though, or is he a given?

  • Chris

    Some funny stuff here and there, but nothing revolutionnary at the end.
    Personally, I dont call “webdesigners” people who make websites for 1680x1050px screens only.

  • That’s really great work all designs are very cute i like these design.
    Thanks for share it.

  • Nice list. If i may share another fine design!?

  • wow…thats really creative designs!!

    cool :)

  • Another great list. Thanks very much for sharing it.

  • I really like “I am Garth” site. Really clean site and got some cool looking icons. Thanks for sharing!

  • There are some great looking websites in here. Top notch list!

  • I’m glad we showcased some minimalistic designs too. Minimalistic designs can be creative as well.

    Thanks for sharing. nice post.

  • Really nice collection….

  • Real stunning examples. Love it!

  • well i do like the examples show here, really :D sometimes while some blogs are very special and are shown in many lists, many of us are still far from being there! ;)

    thanks for sharing! we are all learning, definitely!

  • These are great very inspiring blog layouts. I will be using some techniques on my new web design.

  • nice collection

  • Some creative designs here, thanks!

  • Neat! Any ideas/suggestions for mine?

  • just realized my previous comment made me sound like a real tool….

    i had misread the article title… thought it said “original content”

    and attempted (and failed) at cracking a joke…


  • Love it. Only site I wanted to visit (Movie Titles) is forbidden. LOL.

  • Nice list, wish my blog was ever that good to be mntioned! :(

  • Hans

    I’m missing this site:

    It’s a creative bog, just difference. They just had a the content is still in progress.

  • great collection! Thanks for this.

  • Wow, here are some nice sites. Especially site. Very plain, very unique. Love it!

  • These are nice. I like the Cog’nition one. It’s simple, colorful and creative. Good collection!

  • Also missed

    ^^^Some awesome stuff goin on there

  • Web Media Workers

    great stuff man, thank you very much.

  • Logodesign Bizz

    Very impressive showcase. I would like to say much inspiration available for the designers!!
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