Scam Design – 25 Examples And Worst Practices

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Inspiration can be found anywhere, right? So here we are scanning the most popular scam websites (or with a spammy look) and ranking them by the coolest trends:


The Twitter Traffic Machine


Designer Snuggie





Viral Followers


Traffic Python


One Week Marketing


Brute Force Seo



Dominating Twitter


Twitter Rockstar



Traffic Generation Explosion 2


The Niche Blogger


Twitter Salvation System



Tweeter Getter


100% Opt-in leads



The Launch Tree



Low Stress Income


Turbo Cash Generator


Tweet Riches



Tweeter Getter


Amazing Resume Creator


Tweet Buster


Viral Tweets


Got some more examples? Please spam us in the comments or at

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  • Wazzu

    Wow nice collection, as much as no one wants to admit these practices, they are a part of advertising that comes to you on the internet that any freelance or agency will soon be requested to do.

    what the hell is a wazzu anyway

    • Luke

      No agency with any talent or credibility would touch any of these websites

  • First time i came here and you have a great post, so i think im having a subscription to this blog, thanks for the great inspiration, or transpiration maybe

  • Wait…

    These are scams?


  • I actually have a couple of those blocked at the router already as I’m sick of of fake links going to them – Traffic Machine especially -soooo many spammers pushing that.

    One BIG question though – err, why are over a dozen of the links above affiliate ones, hmmm? For instance, the first is
    … /?hop=adamloving

    Why are you even linking to these at all for that matter?

  • Mr No Name

    I have not included my real – don’t want to rat myself out. But This is the type of work I’ve come to make for my boss. So degrading, soul destroying.. the worst part is that I now make this crap on ‘auto poilot’ without thinking. What have I become.

  • RiEbFL omrumwjczurh, [url=]dosgsujmqjvr[/url], [link=]kwvclmpbjfaz[/link],

  • Too funny. Calling them scams with affiliate links just in case, I suppose.

    I guess I would have liked to see why you called them scams, I mean some were obvious, others not so much.

    Personally, I learned alot about twitter from some of your “scam” sites, but hey you never know where you’ll learn something new.

  • fc

    Please do a companion article on “Sales Pages!” I have a friend who thinks its a legitimate, real, “honest” form of marketing his eBook/s. He’s convinced that’s the road to “residual income.” PLEASE expose this practice as a scam. Don’t forget all the techniques they use… “virtual sales agent,” squeeze pages, ugh. Sheisters!

  • tequila sunrise

    Most of these modern gurus make it all so easy, huh! Check this out. A coconut farmer in the tropics can do better. He plants coconuts on his hills, and forget it. Later, fruits fall off the trees in 60 months (same harvest time in the web, since we spend half of our days reading the scams you put here, while churning out something of value but don’t know where to park it after getting confused) . All our farmer does to harvest, is watch the fruits fall and roll down the hills, then calls his 50 year old grandma to assist him gather the fruits, “without training and could hardly recognize a stone from the coconut!” Thank you! I enjoy it here SCAM web design. You are very informative.

  • I have always looked at these types of sites and thought “SCAM” but I guess there are still people out in the world who believe this type of stuff and looking to make a quick buck.

  • Squeeze pages aren’t scams. They convert traffic. The products they sell may be scams, but the item they sell can be independent of the approach they use to sell it.

    Just saying, many designers should appreciate that squeeze pages convert customers. Conversion is what matters in web sales.

  • It’s cool that you listed my product (Twitter Rockstar), but I’m curious what is wrong with good design?

    A good design doesn’t mean the product is a scam.

    Hey, free backlink…I can’t complain :)

  • How do you get these offers?

    Serious, wondering how it’s possible that people can offer this trash or better where the people buying this…

  • I swear I left a comment here before…was it deleted?

    Anyway, what’s scammy about having a nice design? Yeah, I’ve upgraded the site design (see domain root), but let’s face it…good design counts for something, and if the product is good, there’s nothing scammy about it.

  • Im not sure what is ‘scammy’ about having a nice design but I almost always never trust a site that has a crappy design :’/

  • Hans

    Yeah, we’ve all seen them. I still don’t get how anyone could fall for that. But people use the internet in funny ways.

    But what really irritates me, is that you do link out to them. I mean, just adding the URL without an href would have been enough. You don’t have to help them rank any further :).

  • Paul

    You are very brave brandishing these sites as “Scams”. Just because the body copy looks awful and push a hard-sell advertising angle does not always mean that they are a scam. I think you should be very careful about the wording you have used here. You’d be suprised at how effective less-attractive websites can be. That said however, it is a nice, albeit small, collection of “hard-sell” websites, thank you.

  • Listen guys, it’s a fact. 60% of the time, these work every time.

  • Diego Ferracini


  • Mo

    You forgot Google Bomb Shelter –

  • DW

    Brute Force SEO actually isn’t all that bad. You’ve just taken a bunch of internet marketing products (all the others are full of BS, I’ll admit) and lumped them together. It’s solid software that works. It won’t make you bazillions in minutes, but I don’t think any body is claiming that. It does boost your search engine rankings though, by building backlinks. O_o

  • This is awesome.. looking forward to seeing you again..

  • Brian

    You are not presenting any evidence of any of these being a scam. GDI? Isn’t that legitimate? How does that Traffic Python work?