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Whenever designers take on the task of creating a website for a client, the whole coding part is hardly their cup of tea. In fact, writing code is such a dreary and time-eating process, that it kind of antagonizes the creative side of the job – which is why most designers simply loathe it. In any given classic situation, a web developer could be summoned to convert your designs into HTML code, but that usually takes a huge chunk out of the assigned budget (almost 70%, to be precise).

Therefore, enlisting the help of an online website building tool is a great idea: it allows you to create independently and in a simple manner, to keep a clean communication line with your client, and to save loads of time. When it comes to superlative online website crafters, website-builder.com really makes the grade. The platform is engineered to altogether spare you the trouble of writing code and you need only go through three main stages to have yourself an accomplished website.


After you’ve signed up (it’s all free and takes no more than a minute), Website-Builder’s start page beckons you to either ‘Choose a Template’, or ‘Start from blank’, while also welcoming existing users who wish to modify one of their websites. Naturally, the first option would be the most time-effective: take your pick out of the collection of already-tested layouts which can afterwards be forged according to your wishes.


Aside from having loads of themes that look gorgeous on mobile phones, there are plenty of categories to speak of: hotel sites, bio/resume sites, as well as websites for consultants, for designers, and for any sort of artists. You need to scroll away and decide on one of the templates, then click on ‘Edit’ just below its thumbnail.


Welcome to the online editor, the place where you are free to fashion the desirable content and design of your future website: establish new areas, add videos, widgets, and galleries of images, link your Google Analytics ID, and add relevant descriptions for search engine optimization. The ‘Support’ button on the left is there for a good reason, so don’t hesitate to go looking for help – you will find it.

When everything is in its right place, the website is ready to go live. Your work is done, and you don’t even have to go on a wild goose chase in order to find a suitable web hosting provider. Click ‘Publish’, insert the domain name, and relax as Website-Builder launches and hosts your website for free.

Here are two examples of designs that you can find in their gallery:



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