A Roundup of Goodies and Means to Enrich the Web

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The web keeps growing rich in resources that extend its functionality and visual appeal, giving those who are starting their own pages the necessary apps, tools, and lots of options to improve their creations. With that in mind, in the following roundup you will find a careful selection of useful elements for design and web development, a sort of market with only fresh and nice resources from which you can pick the ones you like and need the most. Let’s go!

Arrow Key Indicators: CSS and JS Experiments to Track the Activity of Arrow Keys

Arrow key indicators

Fake 2d Light: a JS Experiment to Create Lights with Ray Casting

 Fake 2D light

Dot Grid: PDF File for Sketching Websites or Backgrounds

 Dot Grid PDF

F7: a Framework to Create iOS 7 Apps

 F7 framework

Metria: an All Caps Geometric Font for Displays

 Metria Font

Shopping Bag Mockup: a Minimal Design to Showcase Your Brand Elegantly

 Shopping bag mockup

Gmail Redesign Concept: an Interface Designed to Ease Work with Email

 Gmail Redesing Concept

Mikheenko Icons: 20 Line Icons for Menu Options

Mikheenko icons

Aspiration PSD Template: the PSD Version of Aspiration WordPress Theme

 Aspiration PSD template

Bar Charts PSD: a Simple but Useful Chart Template in PSD

 Bar charts PSD

Flat User Interface: an iOS7-like Interface for Desktop Web Pages and Apps

 Flat user interface

Flexbox Admin Panel: a Highly Responsive Control Panel

 Flexbox admin panel

Squirt: an Innovative Project for Faster Reading

 Corporate flyer template

Corporate Flyer Template: an InDesign File with a Clean Style


UI Kit: Vintage Interface for Simple Desktop Web Pages

 UI kit template

High Performance Parallax: a Code Experiment to Improve Parallax Effects

 High performance Parallax

Responsive Mail UI: an Interface for Email Client with Good Animations

 Responsive mail UI

Glyphter: a Web Tool to Create SVG Fonts

 Glyphter font creator

Mixitup: JQuery Plugin to Make Animated Filtering and Sorting

 mixitup jQuery plugin

150 Outlined Icons: a Special Package of Geometric Outline Icons

 150 outlined icons

Scroll2top: Customizable Plugin to Scroll Back to the Top of the Page

 Scroll 2 top

Nexus 5 Mockup: Vector Shaped Perspective Mockup of Google Nexus 5

 Nexus 5 mockup

CSS 3D Clouds: an Awesome Experiment in CSS and JS for Realistic Moving Clouds

 CSS 3D clouds

Spark: Simple but Very Elegant Green User Interface Kit

 Spark UI kit

Clean UI Kit: Flat and Simple Interface for Web and Mobile

 Clean UI kit

Chickendinner.Js: JQuery Plugin to Load Images Randomly from a Client Side Array


Tilted Content Slideshow: 3d Perspective Slideshows Demo and Tutorial

 Tilted conent Slideshow

Scoutrealtime: Real Time Server Metrics in Browser


Inky: Smart Client Mail Application for Windows

 Inky Smart mail client

Flat UI Kit: a Chic Interface with a Lot of Elements

 Flat UI kit

Catalog Template: Excellent InDesign Catalog of 12 Pages with Minimal Design

 Catalog template

Iconion: Desktop Application to Create Fantastic Icons Easily

 Iconion desktop tool

Flat UI Kit: Flat and Modern Looking Interface for Dashboards

 Flat UI kit

Loading: a Set of SVG Loading Animations

 loading SVG animations

Bootflat: a New Version of the Bootflat Framework

 Bootflat framework

UI Feedbacks: a Feedback Page to Give More Dynamism to Buttons

 UI feedbacks

UI Kit (Flat Dark): a Flat and Colorful Interface with Many Elements

 UI kit flat Dark

Feedify: JQuery Plugin to Convert Text into HTML Feed

 Feedify plugin

Iceberg UI Kit: a Simple Interface with Transparencies and Colorful Widgets

 Iceberg UI kit

Arrow Icons and Buttons: a Small Set of Arrows for Vintage Interfaces

 Arrow icons and buttons

DTable: Data Tables for JQuery

 DTable jquery plugin

Acrostia: Colorful One Page Template for Businesses

 Acrostia template

Marketing: Flat Landing Page to Offer Services

 marketing HTML template

Jquery.Matchheight: Plugin to Achieve Equal Heights


Smart Chat App: iOS7 Style Chat App PSD Template

 Smartchat app PSD template

Firmasite: a Nice WordPress Bootstrap Site with BBpress and BudyPress

 Firmasite WP theme

Business Characters: a Large Package of Editable Vector Characters

 Business characters set

Add a Little Magic: Fantastic Sparkle Effect for DOM Elements

 Sparkling effect

Roran: One Page Flat Template for Businesses

 Roran HTML template

Smallicons 2: New Set of Colorful Tiny Icons


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