Risk Takers Beware – Back it up!

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The trapeze artist hurls himself through the air. The audience gasps collectively and audibly. He reaches for the other trapeze bar. He misses. He falls 35 feet. But all ends well as he lands in the safety net below. The only thing bruised is his ego.

Most people are not like him. We wouldn’t dare to hang from a metal bar many feet off the ground. We don’t like taking risks. Most of us, in fact, are quite risk averse. That’s why we like insurance plans. We’d like to know that we are going to be ok, should something happen to us. We have insurance for our family, health, cars, houses, assets, against theft, natural calamities and much more. But what about our data, our intellectual property? How safe is that?

Keeping data safe

If you are under the assumption that your website or blog is safe just because you are hosted on a reliable server, think again. If you have a blog, or a website or any kind of online presence, consider yourself a marked man or woman. Sure, your website may have been up for the last 5 or 10 years without any problem, but it is only a matter of time. Whether by viruses, defacement by hackers or some other form, your website is at risk.

They say that 98% of data on the Internet has been produced in the last two years. That means we are now producing more data that resides on the cloud than ever before. This should give you some sleepless nights. What would the consequences be if your website or blog vanished suddenly? There are two aspects to data safety.

  • Preventive – ensuring your site is secure so as to defend itself against any attacks.

  • Reactive – what do you do once your website has been struck? How quickly can you get up and running again?

Insure your site

Your data insurance policy is part of the reactive measures that you need in place for your site to survive an attack or lapse. In times long ago, every important piece of information was dutifully printed out and filed away neatly to cover such eventualities. But, we don’t do that anymore. And that is why it is critical to have proper backups in place. You can quickly refer to a previous backup or even restore it on your servers, when required.

We celebrate World Backup Day on March 31st. It is a day for people to learn about the importance of regular backups, given the increasing role of data in our lives. Like the safety net of the trapeze artist, backups will help you avoid complete destruction. You may fall, but with a proper backup in place, you won’t fall hard.

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