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Website analytics can be very informative, unfortunately though some companies present the data in such a boring way that it almost becomes meaningless. That is what Ptengine wishes to change. The company was founded in 2010 and is currently providing analytical data for more than 6,000 different sites, with some of their biggest clients being Sony Music, SoftBank & Rakuten.

Ptengine differentiates itself amongst the competition by offering the largest selection of heatmapping and web analytic features, including dual location technologies, accurate click heatmapping regardless of screen size or device, supports any responsive site – and most important, affordable.

Compared to Google Analytics:

You might be wondering why not just use a company such as Google Analytics, well one of the biggest advantages Ptengine has over competitors such as Google Analytics is the fact that anyone on your team, whether they are experienced or have limited technical skills can takes advantage of all features.

While Google Analytics requires individual coding to be implemented for each additional feature, multiple features can be activated on Ptengine through the use of a single code.

One area where Ptengine differs from Google Analytics is through the page analysis, while Google Analytics only gives stats on the number of clicks from interactive elements, Ptengine shows the total number of clicks on webpage. This is regardless of whether the elements are interactive or non-interactive elements, links to in-site or out-site page.

Another area where Ptengine differs from Google Analyitics is in the way they handle segment analysis. While Ptengine makes it very easy to filter unlimited segments by one simple click on the Ptengine dashboard. Achieving the same result on Google Analytics is complicated and takes many clicks to get the results you want, typically requiring the need to consult and expensive professional.

Compared to other heatmap technology

One feature that Ptengine uses that other companies such as Crazy Egg do not use, is the dual locating technology, this means that they utilize not only click coordinates on pages but also the interactive elements IDs to locate mouse clicks for heatmap. This way the company can provide much more accurate heatmaps no matter which screen size or device the visitors are using.

One feature that sets Ptengine apart from other companies is the multi device support, meaning that you can easily monitor website visited from any kinds of devices. Furthermore thanks to the Click Locating Technology, Ptengine Heatmap can support websites build with responsive design.

When comparing Ptengine to other heatmapping companies you will see that this company offers a very substantial filtering system. Meaning that you can filter and aggregate unlimited segments across categories you want in Heatmaps while competitors such as Crazy Egg can only do limited, within-category segment filtering.

Real time data

While many analytical tools will provide you with basic real time data, this company takes it even further and not only provides information about where the visitor is located and what site they are visiting, but it also displays the operating system they are running as well as which browser they used to enter your site.

The site also displays a map of the world showing the location of your visitors. The graph below was taken at 4 AM EDT, as you can see most of the visitors in North and South America are still sleeping.

The information presented in the Real-Time data section becomes very useful when you are trying to decide which markets to focus on, in order to make more data driven decisions. Say for instance your website is mainly aimed at the Latin American market, but all you information is geared towards the European market, chances are your visitors will quickly get bored and leave your site since they don’t feel a connection with your data.

Technology overview

In the technology overview window you can quickly get an idea of what devices your visitors are using when browsing through your site. As you can see below, more than 73% of all visits came from a computer of some sort.

Furthermore if you click on each section you will be presented with the exact data on which platform these visitors are using as well as which browser they are using. One piece of information I have come to find to be invaluable is the screen resolution of my visitors, it quickly gives me an overview on which screen sizes I need to optimize the site for.


One feature that Ptengine offers that really makes it much better than competitors such as Google Analytics is the heatmap feature. The heatmap as you can see below shows not only where on the site your visitors are clicking but also what percentage of visitors scroll through what part of your site.

As you can see on the heatmap, the Freebies section seems to be extremely popular among our readers. Furthermore, after examining the rest of the graph, it indicates that less than 1% of Inspired Mag readers scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, meaning all the important information on your site should also be displayed at the top of the screen.

Another feature offered by Ptengine is the ability to compare two pages of heatmaps to each other. This is especially useful for A/B testing as it allows you to instantly know what elements you need to test. For instance it allows Advertisement agencies to study visitor behaviors from different ad channels.

Group Analytics

Say you have a group of pages that have some aspects in common on your site, then Ptengine allows you to treat these different sites as one entity, meaning the information for all sites will be presented in one graph.

Auto event tracking function

As a website owner you will know that some events or happenings will garner more visitors than others. For instance a blog focused on Apple products might hold a live blog during the Apple keynotes. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to decipher which visitors came for the event and which visitors just happened to stumble over your site.

Thanks to the Auto event tracking function, you can now see which visitors are coming especially for the event. Simply create a new event on the dashboard and insert the link of your event site. Then Ptengine will take care of everything else.

Concluding remarks

pt engine data center

If you are running your own website, then you really should consider giving Ptengine a try, not only is the information displayed very impressive, but the way in which it is presented is also very professional. While other companies such as Google also offer Analytical tools, they are often limited in what information they offer, and lack the full range of data and services that digital marketers, UI/UX designers, and webmasters demand. Even if you have never used an analytical tool before, you will feel right at home using Ptengine, thanks to the user friendly interface and the easy to understand graphs presented.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.