PSD conversion to responsive HTML5 made easy: top 5 coding companies compared

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Whether you’d like to focus on a design part when creating a website, or want to take on more projects without turning down new clients, in either case, PSD conversion services can be a great time-saver for you. Today, I have reviewed top 5 companies, that might be just what you need for your next responsive project. Necessary information (price, turnaround, supported frameworks) is included. I’ve personally used CodeMyConcept and have been really happy with their work.

1. CodeMyConcept

CodeMyConcept is a well-established company, that provides high-quality markup at extremely reasonable prices. The code they deliver is just a hand-crafted beauty. Everything is well-formatted, intuitive and easy to update, which is just a treat if you are going to support your project in the future. Plus, they always pay much attention to semantics, accessibility, and loading times.


Approximate turnaround time: 3 days

Starting price: $189

Supported frameworks:  Less Framework, Fluid Baseline Grid, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation


PSD2HTML® is an acknowledged leader in the field. With vast resources and years of experience, their team offers the widest range of supported frameworks and markup customization options.


Approximate turnaround time: 2 days

Starting price: $209

Supported frameworks: Less Framework, Fluid Baseline Grid, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation

3. W3-Markup

Founded in 2007, W3-Markup is just one of the oldest services out there that can take your design files and convert them into valid HTML/CSS code that looks equally good on desktop and mobile devices.


Approximate turnaround time: 5 days

Starting price: $261

Supported frameworks: Less, Twitter Bootstrap

4. The Site Slinger

Headquartered in Austin, these guys are experts at responsive sites, Bootstrap and WordPress. They offer simple per-page pricing, personal service, and short turnaround time.


Approximate turnaround time: 3 days

Starting price $249 (5 days turnaround)

Supported frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap

5. Markup-Service

Markup-Service offers hand-coded pixel-perfect HTML5/CSS3, as well as implementation of most popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Their team can handle jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap and other specialized coding, too.


Approximate turnaround time: 3 days

Starting Price $297

Supported frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap, Less Framework, Zurb Foundation

That’s about it. If you have anything to share about these companies or other similar ones feel free to discuss it in the comments.s

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