Prototyping for the Web [Free Course]

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If you’ve ever had an idea for a web product or a mobile app but haven’t known whether the idea would ever work, you would benefit from prototyping. Lucky for you, there’s a free course launching soon that covers the basics of prototyping for the web and mobile.

Prototyping on the Web is a one-week course launching February 18th. The course consists of some of the best resources curated across the web and original material created for the course. To ensure that participants get their hands dirty with prototyping (well, metaphorically, this is Prototyping for the Web anyway), the participants get access to FileSquare, a web app for creating interactive mockups and prototypes and gathering feedback.

The course covers the what and why of prototyping, various tools available, prototyping in code and mockups, and how to gather and analyze the feedback that you get for your prototype. Finally, the course concludes with creation and feedback of student prototypes.

Courses like this have become prevalent and popular lately. In this case, the course is created by us at Vuact. We’re interested in creating a course that gives the participants real value. At the same time, we’re trialling a video platform we’re working on for serving the course videos, and are interested in seeing how people use it.

You can sign up for the course now and you’ll get more details over email in the next couple of days.

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