Printspiration Giveaway – IdN, T-World & Wooden Toy Magazines

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After the huge success of the IdN subscription giveaway organized with our friends from Magnation, we both decided to extend our collaboration! So meet Printspiration Giveaway, an ongoing effort to inspire and reward our creative readers with the latest and greatest inspirational magazines.

Mag Nation


Catch this – Mag Nation is the world’s first and only magazine superstore. With over 4,000 magazine titles, they have the largest range of magazines in the galaxy. However, The Land of Mags is devoted to magazines and the intersection of design, urban and visual fashion and culture.

IdN – the self-promotion issue

I must tell you this issue is huge! The biggest IdN feature to date, with 25 artists showcasing their most original and personal self-promotional work, designed simply to sell themselves. Isn’t that all about? This is a must-have for y’all designers out there who want to sell your talent with style :-D

Must read articles: Have special effects finally come of age?, A healthy obsession with ornament, Let there be light! (amazing lighting projects from innovative theatre, concert and fashion-show designers), Chairman of the boards (on the ephemeral art of making a skateboard look good). The DVD is filled with more than 100 minutes of cool interviews, short movies and innovative video works. Subscribe here or browse for other Architecture & Design titles.



Self-dubbed The Journal of T-shirt Culture, T-World is a uber cool mag focused on the streetwear industry. In this issue they argue that T-shirts and music have a long relationship together and – guess what – they even have proofs!


Must read articles: Conversation starters, Shepard Fairey, Obsession: Tattoos, $ales, Warriors of radness, a fab feature story about 123klan and their most sexy photo shoot up to date – the Zappa inspired Fembot In A Wet T-shirt. Subscribe here or find other Urban & Street titles.

Wooden Toy

Wooden Toy is an award winning culture and art publication with a huge cult following. Appealing to street and design fiends alike, they present youth culture and art as a lifestyle that cannot be separated from a love of brilliant photography, street art, illustration and some of the tightest graphic design you’ve ever seen printed on – drum rolls – uncoated paper. Definitely a must have for any eye candy collector!


Must read articles: Natchos and dynamite, Introducing Adam Elliot (the animator behind Mary & Max), Cat Rabbit, amazing feature story on Gary Taxali, brilliant illustrations from Mash Design, a nice interview with Caleb Beyers about hand made wood dolls and a lot more. Subscribe here or browse for other Graphic Design titles.

The Giveaway

Enter to win one of these three amazing titles from Inspired Mag & Magnation:

  • tell us in the comments what magazine would you like to receive and why you deserve it
  • tweet this message: Win IdN, T-World & Wooden Toy magazines from @mag_nation and @inspiredmag RT to join!

The Winners

  • Alexy – IdN
  • Michelle – T-World
  • Andy Spock – Wooden Toy

Congrats guys, you’ll receive an email soon!

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  • Mohammed Baroda

    I am interested in IdN – the self-promotion issue

  • Red

    I’m also interested in “IdN – the self-promotion issue.” Why do I deserve it? Because I deserve all three of them, but getting only one would be fine.

  • I’d like to win the T-WORLD magazine. i deserve it cause i live in Manaus – Amazonas – Brasil. I live in a city isolated in the middle of the jungle and its soooo hard to find good stuff about design and stuff. All the other guys would find that easily walking the street ehehe.

  • i need mad nation, why ,coz i have to get it to improve knowledge.and i think i may deserve it ;),
    I ReTweeted :)

  • IdN – the self-promotion issue is the best.

  • Wooden toy – looking for a new magazine to fall in love with

  • i need IdN, for further inspiration resources.
    follow me, @trinadafilipina

  • Wooden Toy: I really like the packaging and I need some crazy inspiration…

    here’s my tweet:

  • IdN – the self-promotion issue


  • Jean Claude

    I really want to win because I am currently building my own design library and so I’m trying to get more quality books that focus on design.

    And there is of course a second reason … because I’m a designer in a advertising agency :)

  • Ben

    I deserve the IdN mag because my self promotion sucks :D

  • I’d like IdN. Is a great magazine and this issue could help me a lot for making my online portfolio.

  • I’d love the IDN issue. I don’t actually deserve it. I almost bought it the other day, but decided a 6 pack was more inspirational. So I probably deserve nothing.

  • These all look like great magazines. I’m a print designer, and love to collect nice printed products to fuel my creativity! I’d love to win one of these titles – I’ve never seen them in the stores before!

  • Nathalie Werlberger

    I would love to receive the IdN – the self-promotion issue, because I just started working on my self-promotion, but I got a bit stuck.
    I love printed products and the smell of the ink.. =) The magazine would be greatly appreciated, and since i can’t throw nice things out, I will keep telling people about the way I got the magazine and this blog for generations.. ;)

  • Peter V

    i’d really like to win the IdN magazine.
    I’m in love with the magazine since i’ve bought the illustration special. But it’s really hard to find a store that sells it here in Belgium.
    It’d be great if this magazine could join my illustration special.


  • Devi

    T-World…! I luv t-shirt….

  • I’d like to win Wooden Toy.
    I’ve been good all year.
    I’ve worked hard too.

  • Shant

    I would love to win the IDN Magazine or Mag Nation. I am very interested in inspiration and to see how others design. Im a Graphic Design student graduating this following year and I could sure use help for the coming year when I am out there in the real world.

  • i am always looking for neurologically stimulating, aesthetically pleasing content in this foggy, cardboard tasting world.

  • john

    IdN – the self-promotion issue

    I need to promote myself so I can spoil my puppy with more dog treats!

  • Alexy

    Wow, I would love to win the IdN mag, it would be a draem come true!

  • Piotr



  • Courtney

    I would love T-World or Wooden Toy. Why do I deserve it? I’m 16 years old living in a very small town and as editor in chief and design editor of R&W, shaped my previous high school newspaper into a styling magazine, thanks to Inspired Mag’s many posts on Twitter. For two years in a row, we were ranked as best high school publication in the state with only about 20 students on the staff. I am always looking for inspiration to stay the best in the state, now as a magazine, and IdN can help me do this!

  • I would really love to check out IdN. My self-promotion isn’t that great, I love the inspiration I get just from looking at the packaging, and I’m genuinely excited to simply participate in the contest!

  • Michelle

    Amazing giveaway – tees are my thing :D so pleeeeeeease gimme the T World

  • Andy Spock

    Yo, I love your freebies. If I win Wooden Toy I’ll give it to my girlfriend :) Thank you! Tweeted!

  • I’d like to win IDN as I’ve just got back from overseas and it’s taking a lot longer to find a job than expected.

  • Tom


    I’d love to win Wooden Toy, I’ve recently set up a studio with a friend and we need some good solid design inspiration to fill our embarrassingly empty new shelves..


  • T World – I simply love T shirts.