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A couple weeks ago, our friends from Cubicle Ninjas debuted a 6-part series on the latest trends in design. Today is the last day of the series, and it’s all about presentation design! Working on a presentation for a client? Take a look at the latest presentation design trends for 2014. Your client will thank you.

What’s Hot

Content as Imagery and Graphics

Using content as imagery creates an eye-catching display of information without clutter.  With this trend, keep the background simple and use a striking font.

creative powerpoint design

Full Slide Imagery 

Full slide imagery can provoke emotion. Use high-quality images that relate to your content. And don’t be afraid to add some type, but don’t overdo it.

creative powerpoint design

Print Aesthetic 

Using print design elements found in print publications, such as magazines, help create slide decks that are professional and modern looking.

powerpoint design examples

creative powerpoint design

What’s Not


A ribbon design in a presentation is unoriginal and overused. Try to avoid this trend with any design project.

creative presentation design

Content Overload 

With too much text and content, the presenter will lose the audience’s attention. They’ll be too busy trying to understand the slides, that they’ll lose touch to what the presenter is saying.

presentation design examples

The Next Fad

Interactive Infographics

The newest trend in presentation design! With new technology, it now is possible to develop interactive infographics as your presentation.

powerpoint design examples

creative powerpoint design

To view more inspiring images, please visit the full version on the Cubicle Ninjas’ blog.

Have you ever designed a presentation for a client? What are some your presentation design tips? Be sure to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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