Premium WordPress Theme Giveaway: Acosmin Mag

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The time has come for another exclusive WordPress theme giveaway from Inspired Mag. This time we’re offering the Acosmin Mag theme, an elegant and powerful magazine theme, perfect for you genius idea of online project that never had the chance to takeoff.



AcosminMAG has a lot of options and makes it easy for any newbie to set it up. After the theme is activated you get access to an administration page where you can change the layout style (normal/grid), backgrounds, color schemes, how the carousel (for featured articles) works, newsletter settings, twitter settings, tabs options, the number of recent articles / comments, advertising banners and much more.


  • complex theme settings page
  • 2 layout styles – normal/grid
  • featured articles carousel
  • 5 color schemes
  • drop-down menu and submenu
  • threaded comments
  • social bookmarking buttons
  • recent articles/com tabs
  • built-in newsletter
  • supports all ad sizes
  • article thumbnails
  • free support
  • free updates
  • valid xhtml/css code



Click here to see the preview


Single licence $59

Developer licence $129

Discount Coupon

If you want to be sure you’ll get your hands on the theme you could use the coupon special1 for a $10 discount.



To win this beauty you must do one of the following:

* share us in the comments something that inspired you recently (movie, album, artist, track, portfolio, website or smtng)
* write this message on Twitter:

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • nickyeoman

    I'm inspired by Ari on Entourage! He gets the job done, inspirational for freelancers.

    I'd like to win this template, but good luck to others.

  • something inspired me just now? It must be Twitter 101 for business, I love it.
    BTW,I This Theme too

  • lostmybrain

    What inspired me recently was an article I read how on to make a private micro-blogging site like twitter, using wordpress.

  • wholeo

    This Giveaway has inspired me to update my website:
    If I win I will be making a new site just to use this theme!

  • winmadden

    This post (… ) has inspired me to stand up for myself when somebody pulls a gun on me.

  • Something that inspired me recently? is Jos Buivenga, he just released Calluna regular for free, i just amazed by the font design, he reminded me to learn more about typography

  • I get inspired by smashing magazine everyday….

  • Successful blogs and people on internet inspires me most to make myself push harder to work!
    Twitted too:

  • Been very much inspired by the great support I've had this week with my new project to get a local Youth Choir together. People have been really great. I now have a PR company, an Event Manager, and a lovely logo for the choir, just by asking on twitter.

    Giving is better than receiving.

  • Jai237

    I am inspired by the continual creation of nature. As I watch the forest fires rage outside my living room window on the top of the mountain I am impressed with the constant natural overturning of natures beauty. Once green trees light up the night giving way to charcoal silhouettes and an ash sea all the while preparing for the tidal wave of green and rainbow life to take its place in the coming years.

  • I was inspired by the speaker at last Wednesday's Tampa InDesign User Group meeting – Chris Converse. Great presentation on interactive design.

  • NextMemory

    “Abduzeedo” inspires me with every single post, every single day.

  • DeLionKing

    Got inspired from an article to make WordPress blog into a Twitter-like site. Whatever the result, like the theme.

  • Ani

    i am inspired by susan boyle. be confident and believe in yourself :) and u will succeed.

  • nks143


    Nice Collection & creative Layout

    Keep it up

    From Naresh Sharma Team