20 New and Amazing Premium Tumblr Themes – Yes, Premium!

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Now that Tumblr is getting bigger and bigger every day and it’s kicking Posterous’s ass, now it’s the perfect moment to compile our first roundup of fresh premium Tumblr themes. Yup, we’re not talking about the same old themes you see everywhere, but about new exclusive designs that help your tumblog to really stand out. Here’s what we found roaming the web over the weekend.

Stratocaster | $17 | Demo | Buy

Crisps | $12 | Demo | Buy

Postcards | $19 | Demo | Buy

Simplefolio | $49 | Demo | Buy

Cream | $14 | Demo | Buy

Micro Depth | $25 | Demo | Buy

Pixelated | $10 | Demo | Buy

Rockstar | $19 | Demo | Buy

Nuance | $14 | Demo | Buy

Slider | $25 | Demo | Buy

Scaffold | $9 | Demo | Buy

Tumbl News | $14 | Demo | Buy

Solaris | $9 | Demo | Buy

Hash Two | $25 | Demo | Buy

Tumblr is Serious Business | $10 | Demo | Buy

Sonic | $19 | Demo | Buy

Helvetica | $12 | Demo | Buy

Rank & File | $49 | Demo | Buy

Vintage Scrapbook | $14 | Demo | Buy

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Brady

    I would love to know what justifies the Nike theme to be $49? Someone please enlighten me.

    It seems Themeforest is lowballing everything. Anyone else think so?

  • I am really liking Postcards.

  • nice post. its cooooooooooool.

  • Public enemy

    I’m new to tumblr but I do love it and though it’s not premium, one of my favourites is the “Rock my World” theme which you can see and download here http://keroteta.tumblr.com

  • kevin
  • Nice list, they are maybe the best themes out there, but this is only premium theme, tumblr still have some awesome free themes.
    I’ve made small (non commercial) list here. http://themeson.tumblr.com/ in case that anyone needs it.

  • Nice list! Few of them wort paying some money, but the rest of it are no better than free themes.
    I think this RockStar them is free now.

  • Rank & File and maybe Vintage Scrapbook (if you’re in to that sort of thing. I think it’s kind of lame personally; but hey, to each his/her own) are the only two on this page worth paying more than a dollar for. The others are amateur templates that about a day’s worth of learning HTML and CSS on the web can teach you to create on your own. Change a font here. Background there. Voila!

    My advice: get you a free theme on Tumblr, download the Web Developer add-on through Firefox, and do a little tinkering.

  • Fantastic post, but i cant help but notice you have missed one of the most popular themes on tumblr: Infinite v2 by blink and it’s which can be purchased for just $2.99 from here: http://www.themecloud.co/theme.asp?q=1

  • How to download this for free ?? hehehe… :)

  • I’m looking the theme with wordpress or blogger style, something similar like this http://cream-theme.tumblr.com/