Designer’s Guide to Passive Income – 7 Essential Readings

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Tell me, do you feel the Christmas spirit? Do you feel you’re gonna spend some serious money buying some funny-stupid-gifts-for-your-friends-and-yourself?! Well I sure feel like that. And if you’re like me, now – more than ever – you’re interested in the secrets of making a passive income from your passion. From design stuff right? Well here are some of the best tips, tricks and case studies I found today on this topic. Oh, I think you should also bookmark 10 Fresh & Original Gifts for Designers, just in case.

Automate Your Income to Simplify Your Life | Zen Habits


Instead of working hard to earn money every day and every month, work hard to set up your income stream, and then do minimal work from then on out to maintain that stream

Essential Tips For Making A Passive Income As A Designer | Creative Nerds


As a freelance designer relying on one source of income can be a very risky decision these are some tips on how each month you can make a passive income from a career within freelance designing

10 Passive Marketing Opportunities for Freelancers | Design


Freelance designers are faced with the challenge of constantly finding new work and converting inquiries into paying clients. There are plenty of different ways that you can market your services, but sometimes the most effective ways involve passive marketing

8 Sure-Fire Ways Freelance Designers Can Earn Passive Income | Spyre Studios


As a freelance web designer, I can speak from the heart when I say that there are times in my business building process that I just wish I could work on things I liked all day long and not have worry about anything else. Passive income is the answer to that problem

5 Passive Income Opportunities for Freelancers | Freelance Switch


When it comes to increasing our income, freelancers face a challenge. We’re used to trading our time for money — even if we charge a per project rate, rather than work for an hourly rate, we don’t get paid until we’ve put in a certain amount of time

My Secrets About Passive Income | Danny Outlaw


Many designers tend to have a famine or feast lifestyle. That’s just one of the major drawbacks to the freelancing life. But, it doesn’t have to be. I have never really had a significant famine period in my career and I have my passive income streams to thank for that

Building an Online Empire: 16 Types of Websites You Can Create for Profit | Dosh Dosh


Successful web entrepreneurs think like investors. Often willing to explore ideas and concepts outside of their niche interests, they build sites with the aim of improving their overall net worth. They think not only in terms of ongoing profit but resell values and how each site complements their whole portfolio of web properties

Bonus – Sell Download Products on your own Website or Blog | DPD


Selling download products such as a design eBook, premium textures, website templates, or even Photoshop brushes is a good way to make residual income. Selling the products on your own website instead of in a marketplace means you keep 100% of the profit. To automate the process and automatically deliver downloads to paying customers you can use a service like DPD to manage your sales and serve download links. They feature flat rate pricing, a WordPress plugin for blog integration and a clean, easy to use interface.

Now it’s your turn – what tips do you like best? do you have some strategies of your own you’d like to share?

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  • Good resources here. All the little things can really add up if you’re serious about it. Passive income is my favourite. I love waking up and having money that was made while dreaming.

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