Outside-the-box Your Way To Success

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Dave Thackeray helps small businesses to get the competitive advantage through exceptional communications. He coaches and creates communications and focuses on driving passion through personality-ridden, relationship-building online strategies.

It’s 2010 and we’re still in the thralls of the New Great Depression. We’re waivering, for sure, and that’s a solid sign of fortune in times to come. But whether we choose to acknowledge the reality or stick our heads in the sand, there are challenges ahead, for sure.

99 per cent of people fear recession. It’s a harbinger of doom, of cutting back, of fear and precipitous regret for the overindulgences of the past.

Or you look at it the other way. As the 1 per cent you’re already unique, and now you’re about to prove your mettle by demonstrating an unswerving ability to realise the pure benefits of being just around the corner from a phase of economic growth.

Recessions and depressions only stunt sales and business for those who don’t understand the massive opportunities. If you have a product or service that sells in the good times, that sates an unquestionable need, then rest easy that that itch still needs scratching come rain or shine.

If you take a moment to think about your market, you’ll quickly understand that society and civilisation doesn’t come to a grinding halt simply because money is tighter. People prioritise and if your service is exemplary, your outlook bright, and your proposition unanswerably effective, you’re on the home run to profitability now and into the future.

Take a look at JetBlue. A modest airline, defined by its exemplary attention to customer need. Just yesterday, a $10 sale on a raft of domestic flights across the US. A few months ago, a fly-as-much-as-you-can pass for not much more than a ticket to a Red Sox game.

This from a company unafraid to change the world, raise its game to new levels and be at the zenith of market performance. Suffice to say among JetBlue’s values, ‘sold out’ figures prominently.

There are many restaurants who offer ‘credit crunch’ lunches, many retailers slashing costs through desperation and crowd-following. But the reality here is that if you have something that sells in the sun, you simply need to give it a good buffing to merchandise well in the rain.

Covet your customers, reiterate why you’ve achieved standout in the past and coddle their fears and concerns. By exuding care and immaculate attention to your business and client relationships, you’ll be the bellwether for your competition, as they realise the way ahead isn’t, as they first thought, two steps back.

Prosper, profit and be proud of what you’ve achieved. Thinking outside the box is a surefire way of making magical returns from uncertain times.

Dave is The Podcast Guy. He produces incredibly successful radio shows for business owners who want plenty of incredibly profitable and long-lasting customers.
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