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OtherFocus is an international creative blog founded by Jennifer Cirpici, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from The Netherlands. Jennifer had an idea to create a blog but didn’t know where to start. There was a question in her mind she needed to answer: “What do we want to give our audience?”, the answer came quickly enough: an Other Focus.

We focus on quality posts above quantity and we want to inspire and motivate our readers by giving them something new, different and fresh. In collaboration with InspiredM we will be writing a couple of inspiring articles on how to improve yourself as an artist, like our upcoming article ‘Get Accepted in a Creative Agency’. In the meantime you can check www.otherfocus.com and you can follow us at our Twitter.

Jennifer Cirpici, www.breakingcanvas.com illustrator and graphic designer living in The Netherlands.
Founder of international creative blog www.otherfocus.com.