Celebrating The 83rd Oscar Awards With 83 Amazing Infographics

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This year’s edition of the Oscars has passed, but we thought that it would be nice if we selected some of the most interesting infographics about the wonderful world of cinema.

And that’s a huge task, especially if we consider that some sagas – like Star Wars or Harry Potter – have so many infographics about them, that we could make an entire post just with them – just for you to have an idea, we have over 400 on Visual Loop!!!.

Even so, we selected some from all over the world, so we hope you enjoy it!

The Oscars

Of course we have to begin with a round-up of the many data-viz goodies made for the Oscars. Some of them were created previously to this year’s edition, but they’re filled with interesting data – and some humor as well.

The Animated History of the Oscars | Via

All about Oscar and the Academy Awards | Via

The Numbers Behind the Academy Awards | Via

Everything you wanted to know about the Oscars | Via

Best Picture Winners: Where they took place | Via

Guide To Actual EGOT Winners | Via

Profiling the Best Film Oscar winners in the past 30 years | Via

The Oscar Box Office Effect | Via

For this year’s edition:

2011 Oscars Cheat Sheet | Via

Award Season 2011 | Via

Oscars: The Hit List | Via

The Oscars Vs. SuperBowl | Via

Spanish online newspaper La Informacion made a great set of Interactive graphics:

How the Oscar nominees are chosen

Oscar Nominees

The relations between the Oscar 2011 nominees

Some of the winners were subjected to infographics, before the great night:

The Art of the Pause – The King’s Speech | Via

Inception | Via (more here)

Toy Story 3: By the Numbers | Via

And like everything else in these days, Social Media also played its role:

The Oscars, On Twitter: Over 1.2 Million Tweets, 388K Users Tweeting | Via

Here’s Who You Think Should Win The Oscars | Via

Oscars Buzz: And Social Media Monitoring Says the Winner Is … | Via

Pre-Oscars fun: foursquare at the movies | Via

83rd Annual Oscar Buzz | Via

And the winner is…. | Via

Off course, there were a lot of humorous takes:

Oscar Nominee Venn Diagram: Weirdly Specific Similarities | Via

So you Want a Best Actor Oscar? | Via

10 Ways to Win an Oscar | Via

The Hollywood Revolution

Facts, curiosities and numbers about the movie industry, with this huge selection. First, a look at 2010:

2010 – A Year in Movies | Via

2010 US Movie Box Office [Interactive] | Via

The Best Movies of 2010 | Via

The Hollywood lifestyle as become the stuff of dreams…and good laughs!

Hollywood, by Inna Zaykovskaya | Via

Diagnosing Hollywood | Via

Are You a Hollywood Bad Guy? | Via

The Education of a Child Star | Via

And now, some infographics about the industry and the different movie genres:

Most Successful Movies | Via

Financial Flops of The Silver Screen | Via

The Flow Of Money Through The Film Industry | Via

The 101 Most Killtastic Movies | Via

Top 100 Movies by Location | Via

The Longest Movies Ever Made | Via

How Low Budget Films Get Financed | Via

50 Movies for 50 States | Via

The Weird and Wild West | Via

High School Movies |

A History of Time Travel in Film | Via

Bad Science In Sci-Fi Movies | Via

Video Game Movies by the Numbers | Via

Why Do Video Game Movies Keep Getting Made? | Via

The Evolution of the Superhero Movie | Via

Superhero Movies By The Numbers | Via

The Alien Invaders Ugly-O-Meter | Via

Aliens on Screen | Via

When Your Favorite Sci-Fi Movie will Happen | Via

Cyborgs on the Screen | Via

The Melted Mind of a Film Buff | Via

The Genre Codex | Via

Explaining the IMAX | Via

Hulu vs Hollywood | Via

American Movie vs. Tech Industry (or Love Bytes) | Via

Great Sagas

There’s an handfull of infographics about some of the most epic movies ever. Have fun with these ones!

The best and worst Movie Trilogies of all time | Via

The Sequel Map – Which Sequels Were Better or Worse Than the Original? | Via

Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings vs Twilight | Via

Alien: Acid Evolution | Via

The Economics of Star Wars | Via (a lot more here)

Star Trek Online Galactic Map | Via (a lot more here)

Kill Bill | Via

Tron Timeline | Via

The Harry Potter Franchise | Via (a lot more here)

Horror Films & Franchises That Made a Killing | Via

The Dark Knight | Via

The tortured 73-year history of The Hobbit film, by Blastr | Via

Driving 007: A History of Bond Cars | Via

How The “Flux Capacitor” Works? | Via

Who Is The Deadliest Actor In The Expendables? | Via

Two projects deserve a special place here. The folks at Society6 made some great typographic posters for several films, and Tom Whalen‘s ilustrations. Here’s an example of that work:

Pulp Fiction, by Society6

The Goonies, by Tom Whalen

Big Names

Either being actors, directors or companies, the great names of the film industry have won their “infographic place” as well:

Steven Spielberg at the Box Office | Via

The Coenfographic | Via

The World of Pixar | Via

Angelina Jolie, a life of movies | Via

Movie Military Chain of Command | Via

Hollywood’s Greatest Investigators | Via

Which Actors Have Died the Most | Via

Sure, there are so many others that we could have brought here, but, as usual, feel free to leave your suggestions!

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