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Think about the last time you worked on optimizing images or videos to improve your website load time.

It most likely took you a good amount of time to format, manipulate and upload the media, and optimization results were probably far from perfect.

Since developers are tasked with keeping site performance up to par, it’s tough when a website is constantly putting dozens of images and other media elements on website pages.

Not only that, but numerous versions, formats and sizes need to be created to ensure the site is responsive.
Overall optimizing and managing lots of images and videos is not an easy task, and handling this optimization in-house is ineffective and often expensive.

Enter Cloudinary, a tool that’s built for developers by developers. Cloudinary allows developers to focus on their core business, while leaving the image management grunt work to a company whose core business is taking the hassle out of image management.

Some Can’t Miss Cloudinary Features

Automatic format selection

One of the biggest challenges of image optimization is selecting the correct file format. Proper format selection can save website bandwidth and reduce site load time.

With Cloudinary, you can dynamically convert images to the desired format directly via the URL or the application back-end.

Cloudinary can also automatically determine and deliver the best format based on the browser, reducing the file size even further.

Responsive Images:

A responsively designed website will generate images in a variety of resolutions and sizes. Once generated, it will select and deliver the best suited image for the device being used.

But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Creating a responsive website is a complex project to both implement and maintain when considering the number of images and time needed to create them.

Cloudinary can help reduce this complexity with on-the-fly dynamic image transformations, eliminating the need to pre-create tons of image versions. It’s super easy! Just upload one high-res image and Cloudinary will automatically transform it to perfectly fit any device.

Want something quick and easy? Check out Cloudinary’s new open source tool: the Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator.

Face detection based transformations

Face detection allows you to focus on the face in an image automatically, making it simple to crop, position, resize and transform the image based on facial attributes.

Cloudinary offers multiple face detection algorithms to automatically apply transformations:

Fetch Images from any URL

Fetching Images is a cool feature the enables you to grab images from anywhere on the web and transform them anyway you’d like. Fetch Images can be transformed on-the-fly and optimized for delivery via a CDN.

And if you want to save them on Cloudinary, Auto Upload will do all of the above plus simultaneously upload them to your Cloudinary account.

Over to You…

Who is Cloudinary built for? Cloudinary was built for developers by developers and can help address many of the image and video management challenges they are facing today.

If you’d like to signup for Cloudinary, go here. If you have any questions about this article, drop us a line in the comments section below.

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