OpenBrand Adds Live Comps to Bring Your Designs to Life

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Creating comprehensive layouts (or comps) manually to present works to clients has taken long hours and proved mundane work for decades. Because of that, it has been usually limited to only the most prestigious clients and bigger projects. We all also know how messy can collaboration with a client get when not handled properly, and the more time you spend with administration, the less time you have for actual creative work. OpenBrand introduces a unique set of features to help fix all this.

OpenBrand is a platform used by designers, agencies and their clients – big and small – all around the world to collaborate and share the results of their joint creative effort. It is a smart home for every logo, design, color palette, illustration, ad – simply everything designed to promote a company or product. Unlike basic shared drive or folder, OpenBrand helps you to keep everything well organized and accessible to yourself and the client whenever needed.

Now, OpenBrand is introducing a unique feature called Live Comps which, together with the existing ecosystem, provides a quick and effective way of delivering creative works in unprecedented style and speed. Just watch for yourself:

OpenBrand Delivery Service & Live Comps from OpenBrand on Vimeo.

Live Comps empower you to easily create comprehensive layouts and pre-visualize in real context anything from prints, business cards, and billboards down to car wraps, product packaging or digital works such as websites or mobile apps. No need to purchase pictures or manually edit comp templates, it is now possible to present your works in the best possible light. You may give it a try right here. Live Comps can be used either within a space dedicated to one company or product’s brand, or as a part of OpenBrand’s free Delivery Service which is especially handy for quick shipments of single works.

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