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With all the file-sharing services out there these days, from Dropbox to Google Drive, it’s easy enough to share massive amounts of data online; but nowhere does this get more messy than between a designer and a client. So it’s great to see OpenBrand’s new Delivery Service – a genuinely cool solution in this particular area.

You know how it goes. The job’s done and your design has been accepted, so you send over the result of your work (the PSD, AI, PDF, or whatever) and call it done. And sure, the client is happy! But then the trouble begins. Shortly after, the client is back for that one more bit of essential data: this file, those production specs, that instruction on how to use the work, or whatever. Then they’re back to you again. Then again. Then it’s to ask for the source files you’ve already provided… twice. This can go on and on for a very long time after the work was actually accepted and paid for, distracting you from other tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice if every client could take over and store everything you provide properly for themselves?

A young company called OpenBrand hopes to solve all this once and for all. It provides a unique smart storage platform built specifically for creative content. It comes packed with all sorts of specialized tools helping designers and other creatives to deliver their best while actually doing less. There are inbuilt tools to work with logos, pictures, illustrations, website designs, fonts, and much more. Most importantly, instead of treating your designs as single files OpenBrand sees them as comprehensive real-life items. Instead of a PSD or an AI it lets you share a whole business card, website design, t-shirt, poster, or new logo. The platform comes with ‘blueprints’ for almost every type of creative work, and the system itself always makes sure clients get all the necessary technical information and files right away and can then take care of everything else themselves.

And now OpenBrand has just rolled out their new Delivery Service, which offers designers specifically free access to streamlined, purpose-specific versions of all these useful tools. Without even forcing you to sign up it allows any designer to send clearly presented and well-organized creative work over to the client. Better still, designers can even edit this work further after it has been sent – as well as being notified when the client opens it for the first time. Instead of leaving it to you to store and remember everything indefinitely, OpenBrand keeps it all organized and perfectly documented in the cloud.

Sound interesting? Give it a try for yourself.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • This is a really cool service! I think I’m satisfied with my ownCloud install though.