Online Store Giveaway: Shopify 1 Year Unlimited Plan Worth $2,448

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We’ve got a great giveaway this week! Shopify, the online store building platform, is giving away a free ecommerce store for one year. You’ll receive their top of the line plan that includes unlimited bandwidth, 0% transaction fee, unlimited SKUs, unlimited storage, a $200 Google AdWords credit, a $100 Amazon Ad credit, and unlimited web hosting. The total value is $2,448 and the store can be for your own use, or for a client. For all you WordPress users out there, don’t fret, Shopify integrates with WP seamlessly.

About Shopify

Shopify offers a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to create and run your own online store. The SaaS platform is known for its beautiful store design, ease of use, and scalability. They currently have over 20,000 active online stores running on their software, including: Angry Birds, LMFAO, GitHub, Evernote, Penny Arcade, and Epic Meal Time. Shopify has a theme store with over 100 gorgeous templates to choose from, both free and paid, and is well known around the design community (both Jeffrey Zeldman, and Swiss Miss have Shopify stores).

How To Win

You can win a free online store for 1 year by leaving a comment telling us why you’d like to win!

Also – include the product(s) you’re thinking about selling. The  winner will be chosen from the comments. We’ll randomly pick the winner and make the announcement here next week. Good luck!


The winner is Zordor!!

Inline image 1

Congrats Zordor, you’ll be contacted by the Shopify crew tomo!! Thanks everybody for participating and stay tuned for new giveaways!

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • A premium account on Shopify would give me the boost I need to start my online clothing store, selling unique clothing/merch with subtle geeky messages and illustrations.

    I would really love to win this!

  • akatergastos

    great for on-the-fly eshop creation + wordpress integration, i love it!

  • I want to make my sisters website even better! I’ve used 3dcart because it was the least expensive for what we were working with; however, I would love to set her up with something as innovative and great as a Shopify website

  • I’d like to win ’cause Shopify is the best solution around! Their top of the line service is worth a ton, and it’s just what my business needs!
    I’m selling books for creatives at!

  • I’d like to win because this is an awesome deal and I’m starting a website in April where I’ll be selling tools for app designers, so this would be great for what I’m doing.


  • Jessica Johnson

    I keep reading that it’s the easiest and most seamless way to get an online store up and running. I am a graphic/ web designer and going to start selling digital products.

  • I will make a successful online store, selling things kissed by beautiful girls under the full moon. I will call it or

    I will make 95% of the profit go to educations in Africa, and 5% to my friend Robin that’s always helping others, but seriosly broke.

  • Alex Meade

    Would be very helpful in getting my little bike business started!

  • Chris

    I use shopify now and love it, I want to start a clothing company and would love this prize.

  • we love Shopify! we are big evangelists of their services … we’d like to set up a shop selling sustainable fashion with proceeds / product being donated both to the less fortunate and injecting funds back into eco-friendly fabric production resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops and recycled materials.

  • This would be so helpful for selling tees, digital products, and my artwork! Great giveaway.

  • Because we have been using such an archaic system for ecommerce for so long and I am yearning for the opportunity that Shopify can give us. We sell Bespoke Cakes and Choccy treats :)

  • I would like to win the Shopify deal so I can upgrade from zen cart which is quite difficult to use in some ways and move into an easier solution that Shopify is known for. In fact, just finished an article about the top 4 shopping cart solutions and Shopify was one of the top ecommerce solutions and shopping carts we wrote about in the review article. You can see that article at our blog site here.
    Would just love to win this so we can go on with a better ecommerce solution for our business. Thanks for offering such an opportunity.

  • I will make a store where people can upload their clothes and borrow them to others for a small amount of money. Shopify would be the best solution, so wish me luck.

  • John

    I want to win as it will help me get out of this god for saken office full off dull individuals who have nothing better to do then moan about the world. I have no interest in the problems and hardship they face I just want to earn a living, not make a million, just enough to get by :)

  • I would be ecstatic about winning a shopify package. I would be able to start my online store of my prints and graphic illustrations. I think this would benefit me a ton while I’m trying to gain freelance work.

  • Kelly Burgess

    I’d love to win this so I can sell vitamins and health products to help other people with Multiple Sclerosis feel better.

  • Luke Musial

    I love Shopify! Great design and easy to use. I want to start a company with handmade and creative limited edition products.

  • Danielle Kay

    I would love to use shopify to sell creative, unique, wedding invitations (plus save the dates, RSVP cards, etc.) for those who can’t afford to hire a freelancer to design their pieces. I design the invite, the customer picks their design, and I drop in their information!

    I would also use shopify to sell my eco-friendly, hand-bound journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks made from recycled paper. Buying these will support sustainability and handmade crafts, in an attempt to get away from factory-made, low-quality products.

  • Craig Hampton

    This is the year for E-commerce and I would LOVE to use Shopify to upgrade my online shopping store. I currently use WordPress for store and my checkout experience and I’ve had many developers tell me that my checkout experience is not secure. I’ve read that Shopify is very secure and will integrate with my

    Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  • Josh

    Wow. I am very familiar with Shopify having used it in the past. This would no doubt be awesome. I would be selling t-shirts.


  • Keith

    I’d like to win this Online Store Giveaway because I would like a place where I can sell my T-shirts, DVDs, and Designs I make. Reaching a larger audience would give me a welcomed push to take my work to the next level!

  • We would love to win this amazing gift. We are selling small pocket sized social media books for small business and nonprofits.

  • SteffenS

    A friend of mine is pretty much bound to her house at the moment and needs an income to provide for her kids. She wanted to try and set up a little business selling cosmetic products. I wanted to help her set up a web store. This would just come in really handy.

  • Rachel

    I would simply love this! I would use it to give independent designers of clothing and accessories – and other local artists – a venue for their work.

    Drooled over the shopify website for about an hour; after spending time as a shop owner on Etsy and eBay, moving to my own store online would be nothing short of amazing. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go day dream for a bit….!

  • oliver

    we are planning to set up a shop for designed handcrafts, artworks and tshirts, the idea is to start giving a percentage to random local charities once the shop is running well so this would be awesome to win.

    • Ana Gomez

      Hey Oliver, I’m starting a business in Mexico with the same philosophy. Let’s chat!

  • Apisit B.

    Shopify have a nice design and would be very helpful in getting my first business.

    I would love to use shopify to sell digital products and/or clothing, accessories, handmade items. Thanks for an opportunity :)

  • Ana Gomez

    I’ve been designing, prototyping and manufacturing iPhone sleeves with Mexican indigenous communities, winning this would enable to to finally go public and reach my market!

  • I would like to win because it would be the final push for opening our online business, one idea we have been thinking the last 3 years at least…


  • do we have a winner already? :)