New Infographic: Ultimate HTML5 Cheatsheat

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We are very pleased to present to you The Ultimate HTML5 Cheatsheet. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful.


Bogdan Rancea is a Social Media ninja who runs GraphicSwing and is a publisher at Geefts a place where he loves to share daily gift ideas for all sorts of geeks.

  • Scaled picture looks too bad.

  • very useful cheatsheat, but there looks something to be confirmed, such as Inline SVG is supported by IE9 and Firefox 4

  • Its a great resource to let people know about the different HTML5 tags, however we are brought back to earth when we see the woeful browser support. Ill be sticking with html 4 for now…

  • // Very impresive infographic, tks.

  • Ctrl-F5

    This is a nice cheetsheet, would like to see a print version for download

  • ♥ Webkit ! ♥

  • perfect ! perhaps create a printable pdf file from it ?

  • thx!! perfect

  • Thanks so much. Now the programmers will still hate me for telling them “i can programm html” but I can say it with pride … ;)
    (you know they keep telling that html is not code, right?!)

  • Arturo

    Why didn’t you use HTML (5 or otherwise) to render these charts, I wonder? I mean instead of an 8k pixel high image.

  • Nice chart, i keep using HTML 4 until the browsers pick there game up a bit more, before i start using HTML 5

  • Thanks! It’s very useful for web designers like me.