New Infographic: Browser Evolution – The History of Web Browsers

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Looking at the browsers in the current browser race it is hard to remember the time when Netscape had over 86% of the market share. Once Microsoft started integrating Internet Explorer with Windows they unsurprisingly took over the market and dominated it for several years. Enjoy!

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  • NSCA

    I wish this graphic could have began at the beginning, with NSCA Mosaic.

  • Federico

    I feel sorry for the people at Opera but… LOL. How did they manage to get this far? 15 years in the shadow

  • I’m curious, how far chrome will go with its market share. I personally prefer Safari for surfing and Firefox for developing.

  • Good post, I’m really impressed with firefox chrome..
    all users mostly expected loading time to open a websites. chrome will take very less.

  • Rob

    I’m surprised not to see mosaic at the very top of the early days. It was the very first browser after all…