New Infographic: A Comprehensive History of Computers

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Lets sit back and think about what life was like before computers were everywhere. You actually had to send letters via the postal service, go to stores to buy things, and actually visit Uncle Larry at his house instead of at the prison where he is serving time for a hard drive full of illegal images. Any way, even though a mostly computerless world wasn’t that long ago it really is hard to explain to some of the younger generation what a pain it really was. So in honor of the great technology we use everyday I present to you ‘Computers – A Chronological Timeline’. Enjoy!

Bogdan Rancea is a Social Media ninja who runs GraphicSwing and is a publisher at Geefts a place where he loves to share daily gift ideas for all sorts of geeks.

  • At present, I have no words to express my feelings regarding life without computer technology. Just wanna say that I can’t live without my PC. Thanks for history.

  • Amish

    The Atari ST is missing. It was the first computer to offer 1 Mb of RAM for less than $1K.

  • PC is like my girlfriend..hahaha
    really informative infographic