NBA & NCAA: the Love for the Game in +40 Infographics

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I was born in Europe (Portugal, to be more precise), and live in Brazil. So, when it comes to sports, soccer should be my favorite game, right? Hey, I even made a post here about the 2010 World Cup, remember? But truth is, my all-time favorite sport was, is, and will be, basketball. And I could go on here forever defending why basketball tops every other team sport, but that’s not quite what you, dear inspired reader, came here for.

It’s time to show off a selection of basketball related infographics, covering the NBA (the lockout, Linsanity, and the all-time greats, among others), and the NCAA – after all, March Madness its upon us!


This has been a sifferent year for the National Basketball association. On one hand, a shortened season, caused by the players lockout, and on the other, a story like we haven’t seen before: the rise of Jeremy Lin in the New York Knicks, with the Linsanity exploding in the basketaball courts, and expanding like wild fire into the Social Media.

NBA Graphic History | Via

NBA Preview 2011-12, by Alejandro Colmenarez (Panama) | Via


Latin NBA, by Estefan Cuanalo (Mexico) | Via


The NBA Lockout: Tax Implications of a Shortened Season | Via

A Losing Game: How Can the NBA Lockout Affect Businesses? | Via


NBA Lockout | Via


Financial Impact of NBA and NFL Lockouts 2011 | Via


The NBA Tournament | Via

NBA All-Star Game 2012, by Alejandro Colmenarez (Panama) | Via

Hall of Fame 2011 | Via

2010-2011 NBA Season Recap Infographic | Via

The Teams

Despite the vast number of superstars, and the fantastic show they can put on, taking over a game, basketball is, above all, a team sport.


The NBA U.S. Map | Via


The Power Of Three | Via


LeBron, Wade, Bosh: Miami’s Unholy Trinity | Via


2011 Dallas Mavericks | Via


Magic trades and interactive bench | Via

The Decade Of The Lakers | Via


The 2009-10 Lakers Season trough Ron Artest’s Hair Style | Via

A Guide To Where The Stars Sit At A Lakers Game | Via

The great ones

Who was the best basketball player of all times? That’s a discussion unavoidable in all sports, but the truth is that you could only know that if the players involved in that discussion played against each other. The talent and inspiration of a superstar is built, among many things, upon the achievements of his predecessors, and, at the end, we don’t have any other choice than to change the question: who’s your all-time favorite player? Mine is quite obvious…

Air Jordan is still flying – Exclusive Infographic | Via

Michael Jordan Timeline | Via


The Jordans Timeline | Via


Michael Jordan in the Hall of Fame, by Osvaldo Rodríguez d la Cruz (Mexico) | Via


Air Jordan Shoe History [Interactive] | Via



Jordan : History of Flight [Interactive] | Via


23 Things You Don’t Know About Michael Jordan | Via


Michael Jordan VS Bill Gates | Via


MJ vs Kobe: Who’s The Greatest? | Via


Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant: The 50 Point Games | Via


Kobe Bryant, by Nelson Fernández (Panama) | Via


Kareen Abdul-Jabbar by Lamosca (Spain) | Via

Ray Allen, the king of the 3-Pt Field Goals, by Alejandro Colmenarez (Panama) | Via

The rising stars

If I had written this post a couple of months ago, I’d be forced to come up with another way of showing off the latest NBA inspiring story, and all the media frenzy which will pass on to basketball history as…Linsanity. Jeremy Lin’s rise is still an ongoing taley, and we’ll see how far it can go, but there are some other rising star in the league, worth watching:


Jeremy Lin’s Insane Career Start | Via


Jeremy Lin’s Journey | Via



#Linsanity’s social TV ascent | Via


Linfographic | Via


Klout Rocketeer: Jeremy Lin | Via

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The phenomenon Griffin, by Moises Torres (Mexico)
| Via


One of the main reasons for the amazing success and performance of the NBA and its athletes is the number of fantastic basketball programs spread all over the U.S colleges. They shape the future NBA stars, assuring that The Game will remain as great as us fans expect – or should I say, demand?…

Game of Numbers | Via


The Financial Impact of March Madness | Via


March Madness – Brains vs. Wins 2011 | Via

March Madness bracketology – winners and losers | Via

NCAA Basketball March Madness | Via


The Complete Guide To Jimmer Fredette | Via


Courting future Tar Heels | Via

Coaches who have led and bled Carolina blue | Via

As a fan of this sport, I would love to feature more infographics related to basketball on Visual Loop, so, if you know a great visualization that hasn’t been featured here, please, leave us a comment.

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