Music For Productivity: December 7th, 2010

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There are some people who need constant audio companionship to keep us sane/motivated. Music is the soundtrack to our creativity. It makes work possible, helps define who we are and adds just enough fuel to our day to get us over most major hurdles. Each week, thanks to our friends at Inspired Mag, we aim to bring you a new musical suggestion, complete with a recommendation for it’s “intended use”. We hope to explore the full spectrum of musical tastes, so check back each week!

Artist: Mumford & Sons

Album: Sigh No More
Genre: Folk Rock

We like to have a good olde time around the office. That can mean a lot of different things, but usually it means drinking too much on Friday afternoon. Generally, long before the end of the work day. Did I say Friday? I meant NOT Sunday. All other days but Sunday we excessively drink before the end of the work day. We start much earlier on Sunday.

Ok, that whole first paragraph was a lie. Seriously though, if we were going to do that, we would certainly put on Sigh No More, the debut album by Mumford & Sons as the soundtrack. Rising out of the English folk scene in 2007, M&S have impressed audiences with their energetic live performances, wide-ranging musical abilities and ambitious lyrics steeped in great literary influences ranging from Steinbeck to Shakespeare. The music is dark, it’s got a Celtic feel, it’s smart, it’s fancy… it’s everything we need for sorrowful arm-and-arm singing and reverse-merrymaking around the design studio.

It’s worth mentioning that Mumford & Sons received a Best New Artist Grammy nomination alongside Justin Bieber last week. Unless Bieber grows a beard or these guys hit the showers and the Lazarus Pit the award will have a predictable winner. However, it’s worth rooting for them and mentioning how much we love their record. Go buy it and get productive!

Intended Use: Winding down, winding up, office anti-merriment. Dramatic writing, long nights of coding where you don’t want to fall asleep, illustration, contemplation, implementation, demonstration, and defenestration. Think liverwurst sandwich on white bread, passionate muppets, drinking at work, dogs playing poker.

Have a music tip for us? What music do you listen to while working? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know!

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