mSpy your children

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When I first read about a software application that records the activity on a smartphone, I had my doubts. They mainly had to do with the morality of such an application, but when you’re a parent with children exposed to various sophisticated communication channels that also convey dangerous, inappropriate information, you know you need to do more to protect them. mSpy is quick to set up on a smartphone and it helps you monitor the activity on it. I simply downloaded it via the phone’s browser. The cell phone spy software starts recording the activity on the phone immediately, and the data is sent to my online account. I can log into this account at any time via any device with an internet connection, which is also convenient for this kind of 24/7 monitoring. The user interface is quite straightforward and – unless you’re an absolute beginner online -, it doesn’t require too many instructions.

You can monitor text messages, Gmail messages, Facebook messages and the like, as well as read chats and instant messages. Also, you can track URL and view the multimedia files of the phone, memos and address book, call details, and even record… surroundings, to name just a few of the features. It pretty much gives you total control over that particular phone.

So, it might sound like James Bond material, but it’s just another way of keeping an eye on your kids, keeping them safe online too.

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