Mozello Website Builder Makes Waves with Free Blogging, Ecommerce and Ad-Free Interfaces

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Whenever I talk to someone who wants to make a free blog, I direct them to WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr. All of these are pretty easy to handle, and the users can find tons of articles, documentation and other details for learning how to post, edit images, handle comments and design the frontend.

The main problem I have with those platforms is that they don’t give you the best of support. And some of them force ads onto your website.

The good part, however, is that they are all completely free.

So when I heard about Mozello Website Builder it made me rather excited. This is primarily a website building platform and it’s also designed for building a beautiful blog, fast. Not only that, but you can configure a small ecommerce store without needing to go out and pay a monthly fee at a place like Shopify.

What’s more is that the blogs are completely ad free.

However, here’s the kicker: Mozello has an actual support team that treats you similar to a company that would make you pay for the website.

To be clear, Mozello also sells paid plans, so that’s the main reason it has a support team. But the customers who don’t pay a dime also have access to the support lines and documents.

Since this sounds so intriguing to me, let’s take a look at everything Mozello has to offer.

The Best Mozello Features

Support for Rather Large Online Stores

Even with the free plan you can start an online store with ten products. This is extremely rare, considering you generally have to pay for something like this. Implementing your store only takes a few minutes, where you upload imagery, punch in the product details and connect to a payment processor.

Not only that, but unlimited products are available for the highest payment plan. That’s pretty solid for those smaller businesses or blogs that don’t want any limitations on selling.

Impressive Themes


At first glance I thought some of the themes from Mozello looked a little outdated. But once you take a loser look that’s only a handful of the themes. Most of them seem modern and simple, which is perfect for making a quick blog that’s used to share your thoughts.

We also like the themes for businesses, since you have all the branding tools like uploading logos, changing colors and adjusting typography.

Simple Blog Management


When I say simple, I mean really simple. Blogging shouldn’t be all that complicated, so it’s refreshing to see a clean, white interface with just a few fields to punch in your posts. You even have a checkbox to instantly include social sharing buttons on each of your blog posts. This isn’t going to give you all the features you would find in WordPress, but most of the time you don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Visual Editor

visual editor

The visual editor doesn’t have drag and drop features, but you can click around and change around text and fonts. Layouts are customizable, and they have a small editing bar on the left hand side for adjusting the address, design, settings and pages.

Mozello Pricing

As we talked about above, Mozello provides a completely free account, which means that you don’t have to sign up for a trial period or anything like that. The site name is not completely custom, considering it gets hosted on the Mozello server. For example, you might have a site domain that looks something like this:

Look below to see the details from the free account, along with the two other plans you can choose from:

  • Free – Pay nothing and you gain access to mobile device support, 0.5GB of storage, marketing features, millions of possible designs, an online store for 10 items. Keep in mind that although they don’t display ads on your site, a small Mozello link is shown at the bottom.
  • Premium – For $7 per month you get your own domain name, mobile device support, 50GB of storage, everything that comes with the previous plan, an online store for 100 items and no reference to Mozello.
  • Premium Plus – For $14 per month you get everything from the previous plan, unlimited storage, an online store for unlimited items and no reference to Mozello.

Overall, you can’t beat the pricing here. The Free plan doesn’t have much in terms of storage, but the small online store is something you can’t find anywhere else. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about any annoying ads.

The highest plan is only $14 per month, and that provides an entire online store with unlimited possibilities. This is even hard to accomplish with something like WIX or WordPress.

Mozello Customer Support


Mozello customer support is my favorite part of the product. Not only do they still provide support for the free accounts, but it only gets better for paying customers.

A large knowledge base is there for you to complete your own research, which means that you can go through there and look up some of the questions that other people have had in the past. Mozello has a strong presence on social media if you’d like to reach out to them there, and you also have the ability to send the company an email if you’d like.

It doesn’t seem like Mozello has a chat box or phone number to call, but for the pricing, email support and a knowledge base is pretty darn good.

Who Should Be Using Mozello?

Mozello is excellent for individual entrepreneurs, startups and small to medium businesses.  However, since the prices are so low and the online store features are unlimited, I could see Mozello being useful for mid-sized businesses as well. Think about it: You only have to pay $14 per month for the highest plan, and that gets you a pretty incredible online store with unlimited products.

I’d recommend Mozello Website Builder to anyone who’s not looking to scale up that quickly, so if you have any further questions, feel free to drop a line in the comments below.

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