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If your website is not responding properly, then you may damage the business in the long run. Hence, when you have stepped into the online world, remember to try to make your website available to your customers round the clock (hint: get a decent webhost). But even then, you cannot expect to be always around your website to monitor it and make sure that it’s up. So instead, what you can do is get some website monitoring services to solve the problem. There are quite a few out there but today we take a closer look at Monitor Scout.

Fact: downtime issues are likely to popup at any time. This is where Monitor Scout comes to your help and keeps you informed of all issues. After all, nothing could be worse than opening your system first thing in the morning and finding loads of consumer or reader complaints popping up saying that they were not able to access your website the previous day.

Why go for website monitoring

By monitoring or rather continuously testing your website, you will be able to verify the status of your server. This isn’t all, if you want to keep an eye  on the response time, then monitoring turns out to be mandatory. Once you get the results, you’ll get hold of viable details like the exact time invested for connecting DNS lookup or in downloading the first byte.

How to Check Availability

Let us now take a look at the different ways through which you can check the availability of your website:

Make sure to check the zone file first. It is defined as a big file which lists the registered domains. You may load it on any local database. Next, what you need to do is check whether the url is available or not. By using this approach, you will find that most of the unavailable domain names will be filtered out. Keep in mind that almost all zone files are updated once per day, hence you are likely to get certain false positives with this one.

You can also execute a DNS lookup, which in simple words is something that informs your computer which server to get connected to or when to open any webpage or send in any email. Generally speaking, the domains in active usage will have one/more than one DNS records. You will be able to check the availability of your website by conducting a DNS lookup. This is usually a bit slower when compared to the zone file.

Website monitoring from Monitor Scout

Monitor Scout is a server and website monitoring project that serves users from across the globe, keeping a consistent watch on your apps, server and website and instantly informing you when detects a problem. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to check Monitor Scout:

  • you don’t need to install any software
  • offers access to world calls server and website monitoring in a snap
  • keeps on internal server monitoring
  • offers more than fifteen locations across the globe
  • sends instant up/down alerts through SMS or email
  • executes several monitor checks on each device
  • monitors your website at a frequency interval of one minute
  • supports various protocols and applications
  • offers great technical support
  • it’s free

So sign up for free monitoring services from Monitor Scout and get notified about any issues that may appear before your reputation gets hurt.

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