10 ultra-minimalist websites

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Minimalism is a popular design philosophy found in web design. Minimalist web designs only feature content deemed necessary to achieve a given end, and is hallmarked by lots of white space, few images (or even a single large image), and scarce text. Minimalist websites are clean, easy to read and understand, and leave little doubt as to what you should do next. In many cases, minimalist websites are aesthetically-pleasing and held in high regard in the design community.

One of the basic tenets of minimalist design is that you should create your first draft, then keep subtracting design elements until you’re only left with what is needed. Some designers take minimalism to extremes, which sparks debate over how much is too much (or too little). The following 10 ultra-minimalist website designs beg the question: are these perfect examples of excellence in minimalism, or have they left far too much to the imagination? Take a look at each, and weigh in in the comments below.

1. Yaron Schoen

Some websites display great minimalism on the home page only, but this website is fantastic in how the designer maintains its minimalist theme throughout. Click around to see the table of contents and self-guided “tour” slider.

Yaro Schoen

2. Kamimura

From practically untouched typography to simple images and plenty of white space, this minimalist web design is clean, easy to navigate and virtually bare bones.


3. Infinise

Sparse use of color (only the logo deviates from variants of gray) and heavy use of text make this minimalist website design notable.


4. Kingdom Magazine

Soft grays, a simple logo and text-driven images are featured on this minimalist website design.  Not exactly what you’d expect from a magazine website, but it seems to work for Kingdom Magazine.

Kingdom Mag

5. Christopher Meeks

A large, yet non-distracting, background image and a centered logo make this a standout minimalist design. There are only four ways to interact: through one of the three buttons under the logo, or via the logo slideshow arrow.

Christopher Meeks

6. Allday Creative

This site features a large image that brings focus to the personal relationship the writer develops with his clients. Such focus is critical to a great minimalist design.


7. Academy

The lack of a significant call to action is my only pet peeve with this minimalist website, known for showing variations of its logo type in its header.


8. The Studio

This minimalist website looks like it was designed specifically for mobile devices, and I think we’ll see more designs crafted in a similar vein.

The Studio

9. Established and Sons

I normally wouldn’t consider a site with a true image slideshow to be minimalist, but the lack of anything else, save for contact information, means this site most definitely qualifies.


10. Ed Nacional

To me, the additional color in this minimalist design (in contrast to its grays) make it more appealing than many similar designs.

Ed Nacional

Any cool minimalist websites you can add to this list? Share them in the comments below!

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  • I like this kind of homepages ;) different to the others … but good.

  • Sebastian

    Last year I designed a much more minimalist website.


    … and the owners make me add some elements!!


  • Ed Nacional is the best but the problem is that it is too simple.

  • I love how minimalist design promotes better typography. Typography is the corner stone of good design!

  • Julian Jorgensen

    Minimalism is the future. I guess Steve Jobs was one of the pioneers. Yes?
    http://goldenchai.com is another inspiring minimal website.

  • Rubicon

    Wow, some great sites on view .. including the ones in the comment sections. Thanks for sharing. I”d like to pitch in one more – not a lot happening, but clear and precise: http://deepanjandatta.com/